Pelican Bar – Jamaica

This is the second time I visited the Pelican Bar, it may be my favorite bar period… ever… on Earth. This is my second entry about this bar, that is how much I like this place. There is something special about it. Out in the middle of nowhere, on a shallow reef with calm waters and a Red Stripe Beer… There is something about Jamaica… and unless you go for yourself you won’t know what I am talking about.

After a long drive from Montego Bay you arrive at a residential area and you have to find the boat that takes you to Floyd’s Pelican Bar – That is the official name.

0. IMG_0279

You can see two spots on the horizon, the one on the left is the bar, the one on the right… not sure what that is… 0. IMG_0326

The sun is hot… there is no shade. 1. IMG_0731

This is the close up of the ‘other’ structure… seems to be another bar, but no one was there. 2. IMG_0694

We approach the bar… 3. IMG_0697

Right after we arrive, Mr Floyd his self arrives from shore with some supplies… IMG_0281

I start drinking. I don’t drink that much at the bar as it does not have a restroom… IMG_0302

The view from one of the seats at the bar… IMG_0306

People leave their mark…  IMG_0333

I continue my drinks in the water… IMG_0342

Our group order… IMG_0358IMG_0371IMG_0391

I take the time to enjoy the view after a beer… its just so relaxing at this place…IMG_0700IMG_0706IMG_0708

Something new this time was an addition of two gift shops at the end of the bar and an extended seating area. It seems to be the bar has gotten bigger since the last time I was there. IMG_0725IMG_0726

Even a rainbow makes an appearance…. IMG_0736

Sadly it is time to leave… IMG_0744

A nice sunset as we drive off to our next location for dinner… z. IMG_0283

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