The Grand Salon – Baccarat Hotel – New York

After breakfast I have a few hours before my flight so I decided to visit the Baccarat Hotel’s Grand Salon. I did not stay overnight but hope to sometime in the future. True to its name, starting from the entrance, Baccarat Crystal is the theme.


My reflection at the main entrance, you can see the large chandelier as a preview of what is inside the hotel.   bIMG_0432

The entry hallway from the inside. cIMG_0431

Looking out from the ground floor entry lobby. There is a fire place in the center, but you can’t see it in this picture. eIMG_0429

Another view with better exposure. fIMG_0430

The marble floor with the seal. gIMG_0426

One side of the wall as stacked with Baccarat glasses. Back lights create a moving light pattern. hIMG_0438

A closer look… iIMG_0427

Past the light installation, I waiting for the elevator to the second floor. There is a very large candelabra next to a large mirror. IMG_0387

A brighter exposure to show what the area looks like. IMG_0388

Before I sit I stop by the restroom, its simple in contrast to the rest of the hotel. IMG_0389

A very ornate handle, you sure don’t see things like this anymore. IMG_0390

The Bar was not open, and there is also an outdoor terrance, but I did not get to see it. IMG_0393

This is the Library, a semi private area with books on the book cases, and a long table with stools and a selection of fine wine and bubbles. IMG_0394.0IMG_0394.1IMG_0395

Now the view of the Grand Salon. There was a mix of locals, tourists and business meetings. IMG_0396

The view from my seat.IMG_0397

As expected lots of Baccarat. IMG_0399

Being on the second floor the Salon lacks views, so the unique glass pattern makes things interesting. IMG_0401

I got tea and some sweets. I was good… IMG_0402

And a selfie… IMG_0406

There are displays throughout the space. IMG_0407

Another view of the Salon looking back toward the Bar and Library. IMG_0411

Wide lens view. IMG_0412

The pen. This one did not work so I used my own. IMG_0415

Planning to leave to the airport, this is the hall way on the second floor. IMG_0416

This is the check in lobby and a view of the Petit Salon which is smaller and more intimate. IMG_0418

Down in the elevator with Baccarat lighting of course… IMG_0420

One last picture of my self in the ground floor lobby… IMG_0422

Its worth a visit, next time I would want to order various types of wine so I can try all different Baccarat wine and Champaign glasses. IMG_0424

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