Rosewood Sand Hill – Palo Alto – CA

The Rosewood hotel is short drive up Sand Hill Road from Stanford University and is a hotel that services locals as much as they do people who travel. Flush with Silicon Valley Venture Capital, New Tech money and the affluent Bay Area Peninsula folks the restaurant and bar have a local following. The Restaurant has a Michelin Star and the Bar / lounge is famous for its happy hour. At happy hour you can feel the money in the air and all the baggage that comes with it.

I found a slow weekend where I found low rates and decided to do a staycation. I used the pool, had a few drinks at the bar, order room service and used the spa using my Amex Platinum FHR program. Mostly things were good but located on busy intersection you can hear a soft humming sound from the highway.

The lobby… IMG_0828IMG_0829IMG_0830IMG_0832

The hotel is set up like a resort. Rooms are located in free standing buildings. This is the view from my room. Each building is surrounded by gardens. IMG_0846

Entry to my room. IMG_0869

Walk way to my room from the resort paths. IMG_0870

Walking toward the hotel pool. IMG_0871

Perhaps the hotel’s highlight. IMG_0902

Looking up from the pool to the Hotel’s Lobby / Restaurant and Lounge.IMG_0903IMG_0905

There was a wedding that day too… IMG_0906

At night the hotel lights up. IMG_0917IMG_0918

Another view of the gardens and the overcast clouds in the distance. IMG_0954

The room was standard.


The closet had nice set up. I prefer not to have an open bag out in the living area of the room and have everything contained in the closet.IMG_0840a

The desk, again I think every hotel room needs a desk. IMG_0841

The view from the room is nice. IMG_0845IMG_0847

Easy switches are nice.  IMG_0848

A somewhat dated sound system.IMG_0849

Hot coffee and tea is always great. IMG_0850

This was a nice touch, I actually put my watch in this box. IMG_0860

Always tempting… IMG_0861

Turn down service… IMG_0907IMG_0908IMG_0909

Breakfast room service is the best. IMG_0921IMG_0922

The rest room was large and nice.

IMG_0836IMG_0837IMG_0838IMG_0839IMG_0851IMG_0852IMG_0853IMG_0854 The pool… They have food and beverage service and they also sell wine by the bottle 🙂 I went in the late afternoon and it was somewhat empty. Lots of locals come here with their families.


Before I checked out, I went to the spa for a session. Perhaps the highlight of the staycation. IMG_0924IMG_0925IMG_0926

Getting ready for my session.IMG_0927

Lots of extra facilities.  IMG_0928IMG_0929IMG_0930IMG_0931IMG_0932IMG_0933IMG_0934IMG_0935IMG_0936

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