Hashiri* – San Francisco

A friend had invited my to dinner at Hashiri, it was good at the time of this posting it is has one Michelin Star. The Sake paring was exceptionally good. This place also had a strong wine game – they had DRC wine on tap… who had that on tap??? IMG_1218

Im a little early. IMG_1220

The empty bottles are not dummy bottles for display. The wine game is strong. IMG_1221

Fancy decanters  IMG_1222

Crazy wine on tap… IMG_1223

Today’s menu…. IMG_1224IMG_1225

We selected the sake paring. And was worth it! Don’t remember everything they told me about it but it was good… very good. IMG_1226

The food begins. IMG_1227IMG_1228

Another drink and it adds to the fun… IMG_1229IMG_1230

Lot of people say gold is useless in food, but why not? IMG_1231IMG_1232IMG_1233IMG_1234IMG_1236IMG_1237

More cups = more happy. IMG_1238

Uni and Wagyu. IMG_1239IMG_1240IMG_1241IMG_1242IMG_1243

Now starts the tasting…. IMG_1244IMG_1245IMG_1246

This was great. IMG_1247IMG_1248IMG_1249IMG_1250IMG_1251

Look at the color! IMG_1252IMG_1253IMG_1254

Its at this time I look around and notice the artistic surroundings. IMG_1255

Back to my food… IMG_1256IMG_1257IMG_1258

Almost at the end… IMG_1259

My last green tea macaron in a box…. IMG_1260

Both menus… IMG_1261

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