JCB Tasting Lounge – San Francisco 

This Lounge is located of the lobby off the San Francisco Ritz Carlton Hotel. JCB makes Raymond wines and like the Red Room, this Lounge is fancy. There is an option to order by the glass, do a Tasting or get a bottle.

So I arrive before my party and start off win some bubbles

Next to my seat… some bottles of wine. All the lights and glasses are Baccarat crystal.

Some JCB first growth wines.

Wide view of the lounge.

A large table for groups is located in the back of the lounge.

In addition to wine, the lounge is filled with merchandise for sale – some high end stuff.

Off to the restroom and I found the lobby the hotel was serving complementary beverages.

Then some fortune cookies…

When I got back to Lounge the hotel gave us some to-go.

More wines to drink.

Wine rifle…

Order the bottle…

More wine please, they even have a black rose…

Will go back soon.

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