Loews Regency Hotel – San Francisco

Not many hotels guarantee unobstructed vistas from every room single room and suite, but the Loews Regency San Francisco Hotel does. The hotel is located on the top floors of one of the tallest building in San Francisco’s Financial District. I had the chance to visit the famous terraces on the upper floors where you can hold private events. Unlike other skyscraper hotels the only public space is on the first floor so unless you are a guest in residence or attending an event on the terrace there is no access.

I arrive at the main entrance.

IMG_0289 1

From the lobby I am taken to the 40th floor. IMG_0289

The hall way leads to the ‘walk ways’ that connect two section of the towers with glass walls to take full advantage of the views. IMG_0322

You can see the North and South Terrace on both sides. IMG_0321

First I face North, for a signature view of the TransAmerica Building, Coit Tower and the Bay. IMG_0320

The view is grand… IMG_0290

And me… IMG_0304

With this fish eye camera you can see both towers on either side. IMG_0291

Another view. As this is facing North the building provides shade, but then it also keeps the temperature low and its kind of cold. IMG_0292

You can see the Golden Gate Bridge from here. IMG_0296

A look up, again you can see each floor has the glass walk ways. IMG_0293

I move to the South Terrace. You can see more of a city skyline on this terrace. The large tower on the left is the new Salesforce Tower. IMG_0294

The South Terrace has no cover from the Sun during the day so it can get hot. IMG_0295

The building layout. IMG_0324

On a higher floor I stop by one of the standard rooms, but did not have time to take a picture. IMG_0325

The glass walk way on a higher floor. This hotel provides the most unique views and even if its just one clear night in San Francisco it would be worth the stay!


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