Grand Canyon – AZ

On a short weekend trip to Las Vegas, I decided to visit the Grand Canyon. Its a far drive so I decided to take a flight tour to the South Rim area and return to Vegas the same day.  The tour starts with a tour bus that picks up guests from various resorts to re-group at another hotel to get on a larger bus. The larger bus drove a group of us to Boulder City right out side of Vegas.

We check in at the airport, out side you can see the helicopters that do the West rim tours.  These fly into the West Rim and land inside and on top of the canyon. The airport staff announces that because of the small aircrafts every one will be weighed to distribute the weight on the aircrafts.


We walk out and it already getting really warm. Its still early morning. IMG_0179

We are shown our ride. IMG_0180IMG_0182

Its an 8 seater and I sit behind the pilot. I can see everything he does.  IMG_0183

We are in the air, its really loud. but first we see Lake Mead. IMG_0185

View of Hoover Dam.IMG_0187

To see how much water its holding back for the sky is a unique perspective. Its a lot of water. IMG_0188

The West Rim begins to show its face.  IMG_0189

The tour provides noise canceling headphones with a tour recording as you look out the window. IMG_0191

We land at the South Rim. IMG_0193

After we land, a bus takes us to the South Rim entrance, on the drive there, we see some wild life. There is an add on helicopter tour of the South Rim, I regret not taking that tour.  The first view of the canyon… its GRAND…. again the pictures do not do it justice. IMG_0196IMG_0197

And a selfie. IMG_0198

I take picture after picture. When I arrived around noon, the sun was high in the sky and there were almost no shadows in the canyon. IMG_0200IMG_0201IMG_0202IMG_0203

Some areas do not have any man made safety facilities and anyone can walk right up to the edge. IMG_0205IMG_0206IMG_0208IMG_0209

There are various hotels on the South Rim. IMG_0210IMG_0211

It just goes on and on and on… IMG_0213

A famous view point with guard rails. IMG_0214IMG_0216IMG_0217IMG_0218IMG_0219IMG_0220

After some time, it was time to head back to Vegas…IMG_0222

Again the West Rim… IMG_0223IMG_0225IMG_0226IMG_0227

End of tour… I would have liked to the West Rim tour as it flies into the canyon and makes a few landings. . I feel like the flight over the West Rim gave too much of a preview of the South Rim and may have taken away from the ‘wow’ experience of seeing it for the first time. Or I should have taken the add on tour at the South Rim. Nevertheless the tour was worth the time invested.  IMG_0228



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