Taj Lake Palace – Udaipur – India

There are hotels and then there is the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. Located in a green oasis in the Rajasthani desert, its considered one of the most beautiful cities in India. Surrounded by lakes and mountains its was worth my one extra day I had in India and I decided to stay at the Taj Lake palace Hotel.

Rajasthan has some of the best Palaces that are converted to hotels and the Lake Palace is one of them. So why visit a palace when you can live in for – for a night and get to see how Indian Royalty used to live.

First I my selfie at the Delhi Airport… I am very excited…


Thank goodness for AMEX lounges this one is at DEL airport. I never leave home with out it… img_0450

After a short flight, I am greeted by members of the hotel team for a private transport to the hotel. A nice ride… with drinks and refreshing towels. img_0451img_0453

After passing the city center, the car enters the palace gardens… A totally different world from the busy city. img_0454

My car stops at the dock parking lot. img_0455img_0456-1

Its a nice glass pavilion where guests prepare to take the boat to the hotel. img_0456-2img_0456

The boat dock has a nice set up, but the sun is too strong so I stay in the pavilion to be in the shade. img_0457img_0458-1

You can see the white palace in the middle of lake.img_0458

I forgot to take a picture of the hotel’s boat, it was fancy with an embroidered tent roof. On the way to the hotel, the boat passes the City Palace. img_0462img_0463

Then the first close up of the hotel, its beautiful. Also the lake is at a good level, there are times when it get dry and the water level is lower. The water at this time of year seemed to be clear. img_0464-1

We arrive and the royal treatment starts. The royal parasol grreets guests as they get off the boat. img_0464

The the hotel team throws rose pedals from the roof. Not just a few, but it rains flowers… img_0465

Inside the lobby, guests are given a traditional greeting, and a welcome drink as you sit and start the checkin process. img_0467img_0471img_0468

As the other guest leave, you really begin to feel the relaxing nature of the hotel. img_0469

The view of the entrance as I wait to checkin. I used AMEX Platinum Fine Hotel and Resorts program to book a room. The benefits come with some complimentary restaurant selections and they also upgraded me to a very nice room.img_0470

They I was offered a tour of the hotel, so I knew what my options are and where everything is. img_0472

The interiors are made for relaxing. img_0473

The palace has a number of courtyards, this one has lounges and food and beverage services.img_0475

The bar and lounge. img_0476

The garden court… img_0477img_0478img_0480

Hallways around the garden. img_0481

The hotel swimming pool, it was heated to just the right temperature. img_0482

Then I was shown my room. The room had hand painted walls, marble bathroom and floors. It was not the largest room, but it was just right. My room was on the 3rd floor, I don’t think it was one of the more grand traditional original palace rooms but a remodeled one. img_0484img_0485

Old school Marble bathroom.img_0486img_0487

The shower had lots of levers, they actually show you how to use it. img_0488img_0489

The small details count, look at the small flower in the cup… img_0496

Marble Inlay work in the bathroom amenities. img_0497

Back in the room, some lux details. img_0490

The desk and chair had extensive intricate designs. img_0492

And my lake view… The city is really pleasing to the eye.img_0491

Welcome items on the seating area.img_0493

Comfortable bed. img_0494

I noticed the marble work in the room. img_0495

My room door. img_0498

The high light of my room is that I had a private terrace with seating over looking the lake for myself. img_0499

I start exploring my hotel on my own, there are other public terraces throughout the hotel that enjoy unique views of the hotel, lake and or the city itself. img_0500

I walk by the lounge area, and notice the artwork on the walls. img_0501img_0536

I walk over to one of the other courtyards that is another garden, but filled with trees. img_0507

There is lots of shade and small fountains, the shade and the sound of running water is really relaxing.  img_0508

There are seats and tables around the courtyard. img_0509img_0510

I walk back around to the entrance, you can see the City Palace on the lake shores. img_0511img_0520img_0522

The main entrance of the hotel. img_0523

Then I went to the 2nd floor to see what other secrets the palace is hiding. img_0524img_0525

There are many pavilions around the hotel that offer great views. img_0526img_0527img_0529img_0531-1

Another view of the formal garden from the 2nd floor. img_0531

Some more art work,  marble inlay and gold wood work. img_0532img_0533

Back at the courtyard next to the main entrance, there is another small fountain. img_0537

The lounge next to the courtyard has some history, it is where the Maharana – the rulers of Udaipur used to hold court. the more private room section in the lounge used to be for the royal family.  img_0539

This section was for only the Maharana and the seat in the far back was for the mother of the Maharana.img_0541img_0542

A wider view. img_0544img_0545

This would be the view which the Maharana and family saw the court. img_0546-1

The seat of the mother of the Maharana, the screen in the back is one slab of marble that has been carved and illuminated by sunlight. img_0546-2

Taking a evening boat tour of the lake. img_0546

View of the City Palace. img_0547

View of the hotel. img_0550img_0551img_0553img_0555

The tour stops buy another island garden that was for the rulers and their family. img_0556

Back to the hotel… img_0557img_0558img_0560

Then back to the courtyard for some evening entertainment. img_0562

With refreshments. img_0564

The sun sets and the hotel begins to glow… img_0565

The garden lights up. img_0566

The more formal restaurants open. img_0567img_0568

I head out to one of the terraces to enjoy the last rays of the sun before I get dressed for dinner. img_0569

As I stated, the hotel begins to glow and the city lights up. img_0570img_0571img_0572

The other halls of the palace all light up… img_0573

Another night view from my terrance. img_0574

On my way to dinner, its too dark in this picture but its beautiful. img_0578img_0579img_0580

I selected to have dinner at the Rajasthani restaurant. Its lux in every way. The plate setting is from Versace. img_0581

I get a view of the formal gardens. img_0582

As I said, I got dressed for dinner, there is a dress code for some restaurants. img_0583

I am in India, so I am drinking Indian wine. img_0584

The starter…img_0585

Set up… img_0586

The meal begins, I have lamb… It was good, I eat it all… img_0588

I finish my wine… this is not my first glass. img_0589

Some sweets, its filled with honey. img_0590img_0591

I am so full I walk around to digest. img_0592img_0593img_0594img_0595

I go back to the lounge for a glass of wine… again Indian wine. img_0596

Some more sweets. img_0597

The moon above and the view of the city… img_0598

Heading back to my room.. img_0599

The hotel layout. img_0600

I get up super early for breakfast. I have the world’s best Eggs Benedict. They were perfect in every way, I forgot to take a picture, but it was just so good…img_0601

They have a good buffet setup also. img_0602img_0603

I notice that the hall is very ornate. img_0604

Then a selfie. img_0605

As I finished breakfast, I went up to the upper terrace to enjoy the sunrise. img_0608

And behind me the Moon… img_0609img_0610

Then I turn around to enjoy the sunrise again. img_0612

On my way down… Its bright now… img_0613img_0614

I head for an early morning swim. img_0616

The rising sun reflects on the glass mosaic work. img_0619

The very small gym… I did not use the gym.img_0620

The pool is picture perfect. img_0622

The early sun shines… img_0623

The water is warm…. img_0624img_0625img_0629

There are two pavilions that hold hot tubs… img_0630

I go for a dip… img_0631img_0632

More views from the hotel pool. img_0633img_0634img_0636img_0637

back to my room to gather my things and check out… img_0638

The hotel lights up scents around the hotel… its nice touch. img_0639

I stop by the lounge for one more drink… img_0642img_0643img_0644

Then one more cup of coffee before I check out. Taking my time before I leave. img_0645

My parasol, how am I going to walk in the sun now???img_0647

The hotel says their good bye… img_0649

My last views of the hotel… img_0650img_0652

My private boat back to the city… img_0653

The dock. img_0655

Same car back to the airport. img_0656

Now to live like a Maharana… this is what its like…


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