Park Hyatt – Seoul

The Park Hyatt is located in a busy commercial center in Gangnam across from the COEX complex, with a high end mall, tall office towers and luxury hotels. This hotel is next to the busy area, but isolated enough so guests can really get away from it all and relax.

It is a small boutique if you compare it to other Park Hyatt Hotels around the world. Somethings seems out of place at times, but in the end it all seems to work. I used my last few Hyatt points to stay the night to try it out. It is worth trying if you are looking for a different hotel experience. The staff is attentive and great, but the building and interiors is not the standard hotel norm a bit strange but again it seems to work out. 

The hotel does take advantage if the location and the unique views it offers for the top floors, many of the public floors are on the top floor, such as the lobby lounge, checkin desk, gym and swimming pool.

Thus all guests must take the elevator from the ground floor to the top floor to access most of the hotel, the over night guests have to take another elevator to the lower floors, you will see a lot of elevator pictures so you get the point. In one way, it helps with crowd control where it really limits people who just wonder in, some famous hotels can be crowded with tourists.

First the elevator. The hotel keeps with the Hyatt sense of modern with extensive use of wood and stone. The entry is hard to find and small.


I get a mid level room. img_0186

The hallways are decorated with unique display of artwork.  img_0187

I enter my room, first thing its all wood, with hardwood floors. The lighting helps add to the room’s design. img_0188

Marble bathrooms, just the way I like it. img_0189

The shower and bath tub were in an open section together. I notice the large blinds… I am reminded that all floors have floor to ceiling windows… img_0190

The wash and vanity area was small but functional. img_0191img_0199

The use of unpolished stone was unique and beautiful. img_0192

Me and the coffee and tea set up. img_0193img_0200

Wide view of the room. img_0194

Nice lamp and artwork. Later I kept running into the lamp so I moved it.You can also see the Bath / Shower is open to view from the room in general.  This would be strange if I was sharing this room with a friend. img_0196img_0201img_0197

A nice touch. img_0198

I open the blinds I have a nice view, but then another thought is that can people see me???img_0204

The view from the bath tub. Not bad. I assume if I shower that it would steam up and I would not be seen from the out side. It was -10 degrees Celsius outside so the windows did steam up quick.  img_0207

Bedroom view. img_0208

More views… img_0214

I head to the gym to swim… img_0232

The pool is on the same floor as the sky lobby, and the lobby guests and swimmers can see each other. It was odd… img_0236

The infinity pool, the views, water temperature were all great. img_0237img_0239img_0240img_0241

The gym is reached from the lower floors via some stairs and a hallway. img_0242img_0244

After my workout, I go for some food an drinks at the Timber House. Except for the lobby lounge the restaurants are located on the lowest two floors. img_0245img_0247img_0248


More wine… img_0252img_0253

Some food… I go for the healthy selection… img_0255

More wine… img_0256

Again two elevator rides to the room. img_0257img_0259

After a good night sleep, I get up early to hit the weights. First I pass the pool again. img_0260

The gym is small but has most everything I need, I am glad I am the only one here. img_0261img_0262img_0263img_0266

After the gym, I notice the Lotte Tower in the background, the tallest building in Korea, I want to visit the hotel on the top floors when the open. img_0267

The lobby desk.img_0268

Lobby lounge… visit my other post about the Park Hyatt Seoul when I visited the Lobby Lounge.img_0269

The floor plan. img_0270

Room Service! Breakfast always tastes better this way… img_0271img_0273

Breakfast in bed!img_0274

Two elevator rides to start the day. img_0275

I forgot to add that good amenities help!img_0282

Panorama during the day, I just noticed all my pictures are when it was dark outside. img_0284

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