Tin Lung Heen** – Hong Kong

The dim sum restaurant inside the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong recently got two Michelin stars. At above the 100th floor at the ICC in Kowloon off the lobby of the hotel the views are unmatched in Hong Kong. So before I depart for the airport we decided to get an afternoon snack after lunch. The views are the looking into the New Territories and mountains beyond. What stands out about fancy hotel dim sum is that the service will match the hotel – if you get the chance go.

The restaurant is double hight, this is the view from the hotel lobby.


We go at the last seating, and get a seat by the window… img_2009

We explore the menu. img_2010

Tea is served. Again the hotel service makes for a great experience. Its more formal than other restaurants out side the hotel.  img_2012

Again I soak in the view… img_2013

Plate setting for our meal. We de a la carte as we are already full from lunch and we don’t have that much time. I asked the locals to order for me… img_2014

The first dish comes out. First is fired… Nothing overpowers well balanced. img_2015img_2016

Next one.. now to take it to the next level… img_2017

Then the chicken feet. I like chicken feet, and this one is good… really good. img_2018

Then the abalone and rice… with gold flakes, because why not…  img_2019

One steamed dish to finish our selections. img_2020

The the last sweets… I would do it all over again… img_2022

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