Ritz-Carlton – Hong Kong

The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong’s lobby starts at 102 floor at the city’s tallest building at the ICC at Kowloon, connected to a high end shopping and entreatment complex, offices and high end residential towers.  Famed for is unobstructed 360 degree views of Hong Kong it comes with a fancy hotel to match. I arrive from the MRT station so its a walk though the large mall and up a few escalators to the elevator level to take the elevator to the 102nd floor. At the lobby, the desk informs me that my check in will be completed at The Club Lounge. I used my club level certificate to book this room. They seat me next to the window, its raining and the hotel is covered in clouds and this limited views. They offer me high tea, but I just ask for tea.


The sky begins to clear. The view of the Kowloon and the harbor to the right. img_1838

Rain on the window. img_1839

Check in is complete and I go to my room. img_1840

The room is large for a skyscraper hotel. img_1841

I get a city view. The desk is functional and I like it. img_1842

The Sky clears up even more. img_1843

The room from the window bench. img_1844

The coffee and tea station, not so necessary if you have club access, but if you don’t its really a great amenity. img_1845

The bathroom, nice marble finishes. img_1846

Walk-in shower and frosted glass door for the toilet.  img_1866

Dual sink. img_1867

Looking back to the door… img_1868

The door to my room. img_1869

The hallways are dim. img_1870

The elevator lobby on my floor. img_1871

I head back to The Club level for a drink. img_1872

It clears up even more. img_1873

One of restaurants off the lobby. img_1874

Another restaurant off the lobby. img_1875

In the evening, I go have a few drinks at the famous Ozone bar on the 118th floor. The bar itself is nice, but because of the rain, its covered by fog. The hotel staff informs me if I go to the elevator lobby near the ground floor I will get a better view as there are no clouds at that level. img_1876

And… the views do not disappoint! img_1878

Jet lag.. and I wake up super early. img_1880

I go to the Club to get something to eat. I am starving… img_1881

At this hour its empty, but its also self service. img_1882

Sweets set up on the center table. img_1883

Seating area. img_1884

I am tempted with some wine… but I skip it this time. img_1885

I get coffee and something to eat. img_1886

On the buffet section there is some fruit.  img_1887img_1889

Entry way to the spa… I do not use the spa at this trip. img_1890

I think I ate too much on this trip… img_1891

I want to see what the lobby looks like empty and explore the hotel. It can be a very busy lobby. img_1892img_1894

It looks beautiful at night. img_1895

Off the lobby there is a Graff boutique… img_1896

The Gym is small, but has great views… but the high light is the pool… img_1897img_1898

I go back to my room to change to gym and swim clothes. img_1899

The hotel has put fruits in my room while I was out… img_1900

Ready to work out and swim. img_1901

The pool… visually stimulating. img_1903

And a selfie. Its still dark outside. img_1906

The wall and ceiling are LED screens with moving images; with the water reflections it makes for a psychedelic pool. They have newspapers, magazines for guests to read.   img_1909I walk around the shallow end of the pool. img_1914

Hot tub on the right and a cold… very cold smaller tub on the left. img_1919

The high light of the pool is the out door hot tub – remember this is the 118th floor… img_1920

A selfie… img_1921

I enter back to the indoor section as its cold outside. img_1925

A reflection from my lounge chair as I get ready for a few laps in the pools. img_1926

After a few laps, the sun begins to rise. Victoria harbor and Hong Kong Island… img_1929

From this vantage point you can see over the Peak… A few shots… of the view… img_1931img_1933img_1934img_1939img_1940img_1950

By this time its day light, you can see all of Hong Kong Island at once and over the Peak to the ocean. img_1953

A few shots from the pool floor level to try to how high the pool is. img_1954

You can see the tip of the IFC and the Peak. img_1955

I am done swimming. And I leave… but.. img_1956

One more view of Central, Hong Kong. img_1962

View from my room again. Clear sky… you can see far into the New Territories. img_1965img_1966

I go to the Club for breakfast. img_1968

I go back to the room to change and I ask for the complimentary Club car. I want to visit the Peninsula Hotel and walk around Tsim Sha Tsui.


Back at the club, I wait until they inform me my car is ready. Sail boats in the harbor.  img_1973

The money shot from the hotel – this would be the signature view. img_1975

Wide angle lens. img_1976

Private meeting room at the Ritz-Carlton Club. img_1977

The car is ready so I go to the ground level entrance to the hotel. img_1978

The hotel car is a Tesla! I got do my tourist thing… img_1979

The view of the ICC, the hotel is on the top floors of the tower.  img_1987

I go to my room to finish packing. Again the views… img_1988

The views from the Ritz-Carlton Club… img_1989

I stop by the pool again… to read my newspaper. img_1994img_1997

Ozone during the day… they have brunch on Sundays. img_2001

The elevator matches the theme of the bar. img_2004

And the floor patters. The views are great, same as the pictures seen above. img_2006

It was nice that the iPod already in the room was programed with music. I decided to listen to some Jazz while if did the last of my packing. img_2007

The view as I wait for my uber to the airport. I was sad to leave the hotel. I want to live here… img_2023

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