Grand Hyatt – Hong Kong

I took a ferry from Macau to Hong Kong in the afternoon to check in at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. A very established hotel among hotels in Hong Kong its been around for a while. I jumped around hotels in Hong Kong so I can maximize some points and vouchers so I only stayed one night here. When checking in the front desk was really nice to assign me a club level room, but without Club access which is not a problem for me in a city like this. The club level rooms here start at the 30th floor. The hotel is solid and is a great use for your points usage. Great location, great breakfast buffet, and great rooms. One of the better perks of the hotel is that they have smart-phone hot spot for every hotel guest so no need for a international data plan or a sim card.

I take the lift to the 30th floor and walk by another hall way to access the upper floors of the club level hotel rooms. Its like a hotel within a hotel. This set up helps with the crowd control as this is a large hotel and an extensive convention schedule so it can get crowded.

The hall way on the 30th floor are dim and silent.


The small ‘club’ elevator takes me to the 33rd floor. h-img_1748I wonder what its like on the 36th floor. h-img_1749

The landing at the 33rd floor. Its nice. I arrive at the hotel at night so it looks nice with the hallway lights.  h-img_1747

The hallway view during daylight. Direct views of IFC and an old school phone. h-img_1795

This is the regular elevators of the hotel. They seem older – perhaps the design motif of older Hyatt’s across Asia. img_1787

This is the entry way to the swimming pool. img_1788

A path way of trees, with cafe seating among the trees. img_1789Looking up from the pool you see the the hotel. img_1790

Again some older Grand Hyatt design elements. This is the gym entrance. img_1791img_1792

The lobby with holiday decorations. There are two grand staircases on either side of the lobby that lead up to the event / ballrooms of the hotel. So you know they get a lot of foot traffic. l-img_1796

I digress… now back to the room… The room is simple clean and modern. r-img_1739

Simple modern and clean bathroom. r-img_1740

This is the view of the bathroom from the bed, no need to worry if you share a room there is a cover. But as a single traveller it creates a larger room for me so I like it. r-img_1741

The bed is comfortable, there is a lounge chair and also a dining table next to the window. r-img_1742

You can see the bathroom and how its open plan makes the room look larger than it is. r-img_1743

Then I turn around to see my amazing view. On the left is the HK Island side with Central and most of the central business district with the harbor in the center and Kowloon on the right.  r-img_1744r-img_1745

And a selfie… r-img_1746

I wake up to this view again, I can get used to this. I notice construction right next to the hotel. I wonder how much longer the views will last. With land so expensive, I don’t think they will build low… r-img_1783r-img_1785

I go to the gym and breakfast on my way down I pass by The Club.r-img_1793

I do not have access but it seems really nice. As the hotel has a great breakfast setup I assume the food at the lounge is good to. r-img_1794

I sit at the table, to take care of work. The robe is so soft… I assume the table is to be used as both desk and dining. r-img_1797

The floor plan shows you how big the Club really is – if about half the floor. r-img_1801

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