Amber** – Hong Kong

Amber a french restaurant located inside the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel, it has two Michelin Stars and no. 20 on the Pellegrino Top 50 list at the time I was there. So a few friends and I went to the weekend brunch, they have a set menu for 6 course and 4 glasses of wine for a very reasonable price – its not cheap but a good price for what you get. As one of Hong Kong’s top restaurants it delivers a great experience in every way.

The entry way is small its not like some restaurants with a grand entrance – but simple and modern.


You first see the reception and the lounge. I am the first to arrive in my party I don’t feel like waiting in the lounge… so…. img_1803

I decided that I would go walk around the Landmark Mall, its filled with high end shops… I take the elevator down to the mall level. img_1804

The mall’s main atrium, the cafe on the right seems to be a popular one. There is also a Robuchon cafe in the mall, but I did not have the chance to stop by. img_1805

The holiday decorations are nice.  Every so often the holiday show will begin. img_1806

I get super hungry so I head back to the Mandarin Oriental – I was going to the lounge get a drink and perhaps a small dish. img_1807

I get a seat at the lounge and go over the menu. But I am told my party has arrived so I go to our table. img_1808

My seat and plate setting… I am excited. img_1809

I look around and its beautiful. Also a very small restaurant. img_1811

We are told of the menu and offering today.  img_1812

And I start making my selectionimg_1813

The drinks begin… and we begin with champagne.img_1814

Amuse boucheimg_1817

Part 2… img_1818

First wine with food.  img_1819

Oyster with sake and ice granny smith apple disk… this dish was impressive, something I have never tasted before and a preview of how my lunch will be. img_1822

I don’t even remember what this is, this was a dish my friend selected that did not want the oyster. All I can say is that my friend enjoyed the dish. img_1823

Next glass!!! img_1826

This was a red wine my friend who does not like white wine had selected. img_1827

Everything is good. The next dish comes up.img_1828

I stop by the restroom. Like most fancy restaurants its single use. Its nice.. and clean… img_1829

Next wine!!! img_1831

My wines… They all taste good. img_1832

My main dish. Again I order fish. It good but I am so full this is the first dish I do not finish… I am sad… I am just too full… img_1833

Then the cheese plates comes out. Our party almost clears the plate. img_1834

Then the first of the sweets come out. img_1836

Round two… img_2038

Round three… img_2039

Round four… img_2040

Round five and the last one… img_2041

It saw worth the money and time – it was a long brunch. I would go again to eat the same food again. z-img_1835

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