Robuchon au Dome *** – Macau

Another Robuchon under my belt. The Robuchon au Dome in Macau was special. It was one of the best meals ever. A 3 Michelin star restaurant with a reasonable lunch set menu. The food, service and views did not disappoint. This restaurant re-inspired my quest to eat at every Robuchon on earth. I had a noon reservation for a party of one – My self! The restaurant is located on the top dome of the Grand Lisboa Casino. The lobby of the resort is filled with works of art, what you see is all gold… I could not stop looking at it.


After you pass the busy lobby, the lobby team informs me to go to the last elevator bank to go to the 39th floor. img_1691

It is a bit flashy… img_1692

At the 39th floor the floor is split between a super high roller casino space and the restaurant. As you enter the entry hall way is filled with the restaurant’s wine collection, it has some of the most expensive and rare wines you will ever see. img_1694

The most famous of wines from Sauternes. I drool over them… img_1695

After passing all the wine, you have to take another elevator the the restaurant level. I see button for the 42nd floor for the restrooms, but I never had a chance to visit that level. img_1696

Once you enter you see the entire dome and a piano. Later I heard the piano being played. The team takes me to my table for one. img_1697

And I pass by their famous bread cart. I want it all. img_1698

I sit alone at my table. I have a Lalique candle lamp to keep me company, I am the only single diner – I have no issue with that. I notice the view, I have the view of the old city and it adds to the experience. The other views on the other side of the dome is more of an ocean view. When you make a reservation for lunch make sure they seat you in the shade. img_1699

The first cart – bubbles, this can add up quick. I decided I will not drink alcohol as I take the ferry to Hong Kong right after lunch. I safe a ton of money in the process. But I really wanted to try a taste of each.  img_1700

My Lalique lamp keeping me company, now that I think about it I should have asked them to put a candle in to see what effects of the candle light that would bring the face to life.img_1701

I look at the lunch set menu, but what I really want is caviar… In the picture below you can see how high the dome really is. img_1702

So I ask for the a la carte menu… img_1703

They did not have a caviar dish nor did they let me add a dish to the lunch set menu. So the manager came over and informed me they will let me order a few caviar dishes and I am so excited – I start shaking a little. img_1704

Then the famous bread cart. I select a few… img_1706

Salted or unsalted butter… I must have both. img_1707

I notice the Baccarat lamp with the single red crystal. Then I look out at my view an begin to notice something as I wait for my bread. img_1708

I zoom in and I have a direct view of the St. Paul Ruins. At night it must be beautiful with all the lights. img_1709

I’ll zoom in again… img_1710

They set my butter and I wait for my bread. img_1711

So I try each butter with each bread, they all taste so good I can’t tell what I like more… It was just all so good. I try not to stuff myself with bread. img_1712

Then to my surprise the team sends out one of Robuchon’s signature caviar dishes. Impérial caviar and king crab with crustacean jelly and light cauliflower cream.img_1713

I think this is only in the dinner course menu… visually stunning… I could hear the angles sing from the sky as I was eating this… img_1715

I wanted to lick the plate, but I was in public. img_1716

I was stunned to see that the team had prepared another caviar dish… Salmon topped with Impérial caviar and some sides… I could not stop smiling,  think the tables around me thought I was crazy. img_1717

It was all so rich that I needed to eat some bread. I had to pause and look up. Again I notice how hight the dome is… img_1718

For my main dish I ordered Black Cod with coconut foam. img_1719

Again the plating is impressive. img_1720

The sent that was trapped in the cover now gets my attention. img_1721

They offer me some broth and the famous mash potatoes. The texture and bound is even more pronounced that others I had. I love his mash potatoes. img_1722

Then it was time to end out the meal. Again the famous Robuchon sweets cart… but I decided I wanted something made. img_1724

At time I understood the facial expression of my Lalique companion, they were either too full or that was the face of nirvana after eating Robuchon food. img_1725

I ask for some tea to help me digest… img_1726

A starter dessert. img_1727-a

At this time I really don’t remember what it was… but it was good. img_1727

Now my main dessert. Some kind of lemon sphere with panna cotta inside…  why not? I could not get enough of that… Sadly it was time to end the meal. It was close to three hours by myself. Did not even notice the time.  img_1729img_1730

As I finish, I get the bill and the damage is done. I did not order any drinks so the bill was not as bad as I thought. img_1731

On the way down from the first elevator set. I notice more art work. img_1732

Then pass the Romani-Conti wines… img_1733

Some really old and rate Sauternes… One can dream…  img_1734

Pass more art work. img_1735
Then one look back at the entrance before I leave… I get a little depressed. There are more Robuchons out there I need to visit – in my quest to eat at every Robuchon in existence. img_1736

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