Ritz-Carlton – Macau

My friends and I decided to go to Macau and Hong Kong for Thanksgiving. I decided to try out the Ritz-Carlton Macau, and it did not disappoint. Everything about this place was just right – one of the best hotels I have stayed at. I think this hotel is an “All” Suite hotel, I think I got the most standard room and it was better than most suites I have ever been in. The hotel located inside the Galaxy Macau  in Macau in the Cotai area.  There are several other hotel brands within the large resort and high end shopping and a casino floor  – of course.

I took a cab from the airport and once I arrived, the team takes you up to the 51st floor to check in. The elevators are nice… and the chandeliers sway as the high speed elevators take me up to the lobby level.


The lobby is COVERED in marble, a theme that will applied across the hotel. The lobby is a series of chambers – almost like a series of formal state rooms in palaces and formal homes across Europe.


The views of the resort is nice… the roof of the casino and shops is topped with a water park resort for guests. Its actually really nice. img_1487

As guests can never get hungry – there are small sweets and snacks presented in every chamber of the lobby. img_1488

I take a seat and wait for a team member to present me with my key and send me to my room. img_1489

I booked a ‘club’ level room at the Ritz-Carlton.  The team member assigned to my check in informs me that I will be taken to The Club to continue my check in. The Club levels in Asia are some of the best when it comes to facilities, food presentation and alcohol. The club level is also a series of intimate salons, but a bit more luxurious than the lobby. img_1490

I am offered drinks and a light snack as I wait. Its really nice up here. Its a few floors higher than the main lobby. img_1491

The Club has a buffet food set up, food made to order and a more formal restaurant section. img_1492

Again white marble everywhere… img_1493

A chamber for larger groups. img_1494

The chamber with the BAR!!! They said that I could help my self… and it was free flowing. img_1495

The view to the series of chambers…img_1496

I arrived super early in Macau after a transit in Taipei and the room was not ready. So I wanted to wash up and also get a workout in… again marble in the locker rooms… img_1497img_1499

More marble and ready to work out. img_1500

Asprey amenities, can’t go wrong there… img_1501

The weights / cardio room is small and I think it may be shared with the Marriott… nothing special. I did not take pictures of the gym…  So I decided to go for a swim… img_1503

Get you wet before you swim… It was kind of a cold day… img_1504

The pool… but the water is warm… it must be heated… I get a few laps in…img_1505

Looking up toward the Ritz-Carlton.img_1506

After swimming now time to use the steam room and warm up… img_1507

Again the marble theme. They used marble everywhere… I see the spa, I am sure it is great, but I did not use it during my stay. img_1508

The elevators are just beautiful. img_1509

At the gym the team informs me my room is ready. So after my workout, I head up to my room. img_1510

The hotel is still relatively new, its at this time I notice the hotel hall ways and everything is spotless. img_1511

The doors are massive. img_1512

I have a center room for the best view facing the water park of the resort. img_1514

The entry way foyer. The windows of my room / suite are the decorative shapes at the top level of the building – thus the odd shapes.img_1515

Off to the side of the foyer is the powder room entry. img_1517

The powder room, again marble… img_1519

Across from the powder room is the dressing room… a large dressing room. img_1520

Again, marble… I unpack my shirts and ask the team to press my shirts as I have a few fancy dinners to go to. If you stay at the club level, they have complementary pressing service. img_1521

Now the view of the living room… its like everything about this place, its large. img_1522

A proper seating area. The variety of seats is a great as they each have a purpose. One to have a glass of wine, one to read the newspaper and one to watch TV… Also a good desk area to get documents in order. img_1523-a

Welcome snacks and wine… always a plus… img_1523

Coffee and Tea station, with mini bar… There was no need to use the mini bar as there was a better selection at The Club. img_1524

Nice set up.. img_1525

The bed room –  the bed was comfortable. Again the decorative windows of the resort for a strange window shape… img_1526

The view from the room. img_1527

Looking toward the bathroom… img_1528

It was one of the nicest bathrooms I have ever seen. Again the marble theme. The symmetry and the marble vein pattern matching was impressive.  img_1529

The fish-eye lens shows the sinks on either side of the double doors and also the door connecting the dressing room. img_1530

The view looking toward the bedroom. img_1531

The view toward the dressing room all the way to the powder room entry way. img_1532

Close up of the picture above.img_1534

Again the Asprey amenities help. img_1535

Marble shower… img_1537img_1538

Beautiful patterns on the sink. img_1539

I take a bath to relax. I tub size is just right… img_1572

It may look small but its just the right size. img_1612-1

One last wide angle shot… its just beautiful. img_1612

I head to The Club level again, its even higher on the 53rd floor. img_1633

I first enter the center salon. I take a seat, and this is when the team acknowledges me offering a beverage and high tea. While I wait for a pot of tea, they ask me what my plans are for the rest of my stay, I also asked the hotel to help me with my ferry ticket to Hong Kong and also a SIM card I can use while I am traveling. After I finish my high tea, the team informs me they will have set up the in-house car available to Club level guests to take me to a few places, tickets to Hong Kong and SIM card are all ready for me. I use the house car for most of my outbound travel within Macau.img_1634

I head down to the lobby, the lobby on the first floor. img_1635

The house car is more like a van, I guess more people move in groups in Macau. I was going to tour the old city before dinner with some friends that were in town. I visit St. Paul Ruins and Senado Square to walk around and have a few famous snacks they sell around that area. img_1638

After walking around the old town, I go to the Wynn to take a cab back to The Galaxy. It has elements of Vegas. I get dropped off the main entrance, so I decided to walk around the resort, to look at the shops and casino. img_1659

From the resort, you have to pass by the Cafe on the first floor again marble is the theme. I like marble. img_1660

The sun begins to set and the room has a nice glow. img_1663

The bathroom is even more beautiful. img_1664

Its time to drink the wine… I decided to not drink the one in the room and go to The Club level. img_1665

The Club level also has a more sit down restaurant section.


Again the marble art work is beautiful… the hotel is just beautiful. img_1667

I wanted a more darker intimate atmosphere, so I asked from some champaign in the salon with the bar. img_1668

Off the salons – endless champaign… because why not? After a few glasses, it was time for dinner. The team informs me that the car is ready to take me to dinner. img_1669

I take the elevator down to the 51st floor lobby, and again the elevator is grabs my attention. img_1670

The 51st floor lobby salons are empty, there were people at the hotel, but it was nice that it was designed to be intimate spaces to make it feel more private. img_1673

After a long dinner, I went to another bar in the resort. On my way back to my hotel… The hall way is again all marble. I am liking this hotel more and more… img_1676

A book to read as I go to bed… img_1677

I go to the gym and the head to The Club for breakfast as its complimentary for Club guests. There were three other tables seated before me. img_1680

The first thing I see are Truffles – so that is what I order. img_1681

And its GOOD….img_1682

Then I hit the buffet layout. img_1683

More items and drink selections. Also the made to order section. img_1684

I decided to take my coffee, tea and some sweets in the salon below. img_1685

Then I head down to 1st floor lobby to take the car to my next lunch reservation. img_1686

I decided to wash my hands before leaving, and even more marble in the lobby restroom. img_1737

Right off the main area on the ground floor, there is an arrival lobby area for guests to have a seat until their transportation has arrived. Everything about this hotel was great. They were two steps ahead of me in every way.  I could not have asked for a better stay – everything was not just right but perfect. img_1687

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