Kenzo Estate – Napa

High on top of the mountains surrounding Napa Valley is Kenzo Estate. The estate was started by the founder of Capcom the video game company. Getting to the estate takes some time as you have to drive up the mountain. The wines are not that easy to come by, most of the allocation goes to Japan and members. The gate is impressive and you can’t miss it. You have to buzz in and then they open the gates, there are two gates in the estate.img_1389

The estate is vast as you drive from some time before you get to the vineyards. img_1366img_1367

Fall, after harvest is my favorite time to go, no people and foliage.   img_1369

We get to the visitor center, its surrounded by olive trees. They do make olive oil, like may thing its limited and handed out as gifts by the estate. img_1371

The press…img_1372

About to enter and start the tasting… img_1374

The set up is nice… but this is not our set up… img_1376

Lots of places to enjoy wine… img_1377

At another table our tasting starts…img_1378

This place had already filled our glasses before we sit. img_1379

The glasses are etched with the names of the wine, a nice touch. So I do not mix up the wines. img_1380img_1384

Then wine tasting notes… as I know nothing about wine… This helps A LOT… img_1385

So for all the wines are good… img_1386

The view from my seat… Everything about this place is nice… I would liked to have bought some bottles but they were on the expensive side. I would like to go back and perhaps buy a bottle. img_1387

One more look at the vines on the way out…img_1388

A picture on the way out.. img_1390

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