HDV Wines – Napa

HDV Wines short for Hyde de Villaine is a winery with facilities in Napa and the Carneros region in California.  HDV is a winery with a connection to the venerated DRC, what is considered the end all and be all of wine. So I decided that I wanted to try it out.

The facilities are simple, one simple building, people working, nothing fancy here, the wines will have to speak for themselves. The wine do not disappoint.

The logo is the only way you know you are at the right place.


There is no sign, you find a door, and when you get in this is what you see. img_1352

We go into one of the offices to start. img_1353

The wines are good. Enough that I buy a bottle. They are reasonably priced. img_1354

Letters from the White House… HDV wines listed for State Dinners. img_1355

They had DRC boxes and bottles, so I take a picture with them… img_1359

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