Quince*** – San Francisco

Reservations were made at Quince from a trusted recommendation. A few days after the reservation we were surprised to hear that it was awarded three Michelin stars. So I was even more excited to experience Quince as most of my friends have already been there. I decided that I would bring wine and pay the corkage fee. The dinner did not disappoint, everything about it was perfect.

I’m excited, and I dress up for dinner. Its light outside, but I know it is going to be a long dinner…


Very simple entrance… img_1268

I am the first to arrive, I like to arrive early… This way I can sit at the lounge section look at the menu, have a drink and soak it all in. I sit on the first table in the lounge so I have a good view of the main dinning hall.img_1270

Its truffle season! Look at the giant truffle in the glass dome. Also a basket of Quince. img_1271

They give me a menu… img_1273

I go for some wine… img_1275

They seat us… and I can’t wait to eat, I am starving. We decided to go for the long tasting menu. img_1280img_1279

I brought ONDA Wine from Dana Estate. I know it may have been better if I waited a few years before I open it, but hey fancy dinner – fancy wine. They use a nice decanter. img_1281

Amuse Bouche… and it begins… img_1282Starts off light, I am not sure I was using the spoon correctly, but I manage to eat everything.  img_1284

Then this comes out, after you eat everything on the narrow plate, then they ask you to drink what is left on the dish, like a shot. img_1285

The ‘add on’… THE SPOON! I love this spoon. This spoon can only mean good things will come. img_1286

I swoon before opening…. img_1287

BRAVO! I eat it all, I wanted to lick the tin, but I am in public so I don’t. img_1288

The bread flavors were a nice surprise…  img_1290

The main dishes start. img_1292img_1293

The presentation is just as good as it tastes… img_1294

Unique flavors… Each dish seemed to complement the previous dish. img_1296

By this time… I hate to do this but… I had to go to the restroom in the middle of my meal. The restroom as very lux, with very expensive candles.img_1297img_1298

I am sure the chandelier was expensive too…  img_1299

Soap was on the expensive side as well. img_1300

On the way back to my seat, I see decanters displayed on a side table, most of the decanters were used throughout the night. Sorry for the blurry photo, but it was dark inside, with staff everywhere walking by to serve other tables. img_1301

Food starts again. I begin to feel seriously full, but I can’t stop eating. img_1302

The box has a purpose. img_1303

Its truffle season, so the pasta had truffles. The box sealed the truffle fragrance in the box, to make the dish a more intense eating experience. I actually close if a few times while I ate the dish… It was amazing… img_1304

By now we are almost done with the wine, I ask to see it one more time before I part with my bottle… img_1305

The pasta is at another level at this place. Its just incredible.img_1306

We start another main dish… img_1307img_1308img_1309

High end utensils… img_1310

I order something sweet…img_1311

Then the kitchen tour, the server announces to the back of the house that guests are arriving. All of a sudden the sound level drops, you only hear cooking in the background. Its amazingly clean, cleaner than some open kitchens. img_1312

We are offered a cold, light refreshing treat, I tried to eat the leaf on the plate only to be told that its garnish… img_1313

Me in the Quine kitchen. img_1316

Back to the table, then the cheese selections. Many of it is sourced locally.  img_1317

The sweets start to roll out.  img_1318

I can’t even begin to describe this one, It made me want more…img_1319

The cart of happiness…. img_1320

I ask for three as I am full…. img_1321

My friends say I am an amateur… then proceeds to ask for ‘one of each’.img_1322

The meal is done… Then another ‘Cart of Happiness’.  img_1324

I again pass the lounge bar section on the way out. img_1325The parting gift was hot chocolate in a ‘to go’ cup. Then I ask the team what is the decanter on the table… then they offer to put some in my cup. I decline as I already had too much to drink… The meal was tremendous and impressive. I hope to go again soon…   img_1326

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