Park Hyatt Maldives – Hadahaa

I have always wanted to go to the Maldives. Some may say that there are other Islands around the world that are similar, but there is something special about this place. You can really feel how remote the island is, there is calm from its complete isolation – also the 5 star resort does enhance the experience.

I used my Hyatt points to make this trip possible, even with the points there are lots of add on costs, such as the domestic flight, food, and even sun block I had to buy at the resort.

This posting is about the resort, I will cover the suites in a following post.

I took Emirates to Male, Maldives. As we begin to descent you start to see the small islands that make up the Maldives.


You can see some resorts already… img_0519

After arrival, a member to the hotel team waits for me and brings me to a lounge where there are other visitors going to various other resorts around the Maldives. I have to wait an hour or so for my Maldivian Air domestic flight to get to the Park Hyatt. The lounge or the view was nothing to write home about. You can see the ocean over the roof…  img_0520The flight is a propeller aircraft. I set to sit in the first row.  img_0521

The flight is about an hour and the sun begins to set as we get ready to depart. I don’t have pictures but the sunset from the flight, it was a loud flight but enjoyable. img_0522img_0523

After the flight you have to take another speed boat ride for about 40 mins (Full Speed). The water was choppy so it was a very bumpy ride in the dark… img_0530

I am welcomed by a few members of the hotel team, there is a golf cart that takes me to my villa. I am tired but excited to be there. I was assigned a guest services team member that took care of everything I needed. The service was great.img_0531After check in, I decided to work out. The gym was small, I don’t think I ever saw anyone there. img_0535img_0536

The resort is beautiful at night with all the lights on. It was empty, not much goes on after dinner on the Island. img_0537

Seems like such a nice place to hangout, the resort is small and with only 51 rooms.  At times it feels like you have to entire island to yourself.img_0538

The first morning, I decided to get up to see the sunrise. I was at a island resort so I made sure I saw each sunrise and sunset everyday. I get up and first to walk around the island. It only takes 10 mins to walk around the entire island. img_0558img_0586img_0590Not a person in sight, but a bird…. img_0592The moon is still bright in the morning sky. img_0593I try to get a selfie, but no luck… img_0604As the world lights up, the vivid colors of the island begin to show its face. The shallow waters turn turquoise blue. img_0625img_0626img_0632The clouds make it more dramatic.  Again the island is small, and see the sun rise from both sides of the tip of the Island. img_0634img_0633The sun… now its daylight. I still have yet to see anyone. img_0637This is the entire island in one panorama, you can see the water villas on the right. img_0642

I get hungry and decided to go get breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Its like paradise… I have the buffet and they have a few local dishes to select from.  It’s a resort, so the prices reflect that. The pool and the views of the palm tress and ocean adds to the atmosphere.

The pool is beautiful, but it is right next to the main restaurant so you get a ‘gallery’ watch while they eat while you swim, there is another pool by the spa that is more private. img_0643The buffet set up… I take a few rounds… I’m the first guest of the day…img_0648

The view from my table, I decided to sit inside.img_0649After breakfast and lounging out at this seating area adjacent to the restaurant, I decided to walk over the to gym… img_0650The reflecting pool around the resort…img_0644Again the gym is small and empty… there is a yoga room and the spa and spa pool in the background. I want for a massage at the spa, if you are there its worth it. I didn’t take any pictures of the spa…img_0645The path ways on the interior of the island are green and lush… img_0651img_0652On the main beach of the island, there is a small pavilion, they set up romantic dinners and drinks for couples. Sky…. Sand…. Ocean…. it was perfect… img_0656I was lucky and they assigned me the last villa, with the best view. img_0689The water color is bright… img_0691The sunset on the second day, this sunset had lots of sun rays and silver lining.  img_0706img_0709img_0710img_0734Sunrise on the next day… The view from the end of the water villa pier. img_0813The range of colors is not the same as the day before. img_0821I’m in my robe and a selfie. img_0826img_0828img_0830The zoom on my iPhone 7… img_0831Not one foot print on the beach. I go for another walk around the island before ordering room service. img_0928img_0929Each land villa is surrounded by vegetation with shade from the sun and provides great privacy. You can see the pathway from the beach to the villa. In a sense each land villa has their own section of the beach.   img_0930The resort also has a library with books and movies you can take back to your villa. img_0934I walk over to the lounge section, then to the bar for a drink after lunch. img_0935I order white wine, its hot in the Maldives. img_0937Again I almost never saw anyone…. img_0938Then I found they have a late harvest wine on the menu. I order a glass.. and another one… img_0939img_0940img_0941I take my drink to the beach to drink near my villa.  img_0943Then the sun begins to set. I decided to walk to one of the piers. There are good clouds that look like it will make a colorful sunset, so I walk over the the larger beach section for better views.  img_0944

From this vantage point you see how small the island is… img_0945Most of the buildings are hidden behind the vegetation. img_0946And the show begins…  the water still glows… img_0948And a selfie… img_0955The clouds catch the sunset. img_0957img_0959The sky gets brighter… img_0964This panorama shows the sunset and the blue sky on the other side. img_0960No filters…img_0963img_0965The resort begins to light up for the night. img_0970img_0971They have a more fancy restaurant that only serves dinner, I did not eat there. img_0972img_0973The sunrise, again new colors for a new day… I like the pink and gray hues. img_0976img_0980Most of the beach sand never have foot prints… img_0982Now I am on the other side of the island and the sunrise is behind the trees. img_0983For the last day, I go to the restaurant for breakfast. The jams were some of best jams I have ever had, I try all of them. img_0985Eggs Benedict, I like Eggs Benedict… plus I hit the buffet again. img_0986Pass the lounge again. img_0987Another view… every view were very picturesque.img_0989I go to the Spa… this is the spa pool… Each spa treatment room is its own independent villa. Again I don’t have pictures as I was focused on my treatment. img_0990A nice lounge area with games. img_0991Mahjong, I just started to learn how to play. img_0992img_0996I walk on the beach back to my villa to get ready for a final swim. img_0998This was the only time it was not sunny, when some clouds flew by, even without the sun the water remains turquoise blue… It seemed to glow on its own. img_0999Zoom in shot… no filter. img_1001I did snorkel while I was there, the reef is filled with wildlife and there are fish that swim right up to the shore. The place is small, but I think that is why it makes the Park Hyatt better than other larger resorts, its remote, its not filled with other tourists, and the reef is pristine.  There is a reason the Maldives is such a destination, I can not really put in words but you feel the remote isolation helps you relax. I mean really relax, a rare luxury in this hectic modern world.   img_1013

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