Park Hyatt Maldives – Suites – Hadahaa

I was lucky to stay at two types of villas while I was at the Park Hyatt Maldives. First was the basic Park Villa on the island itself and then the Sunset Water Villa. Both have their pro’s and con’s, but after thinking about it, I think I would have enjoyed the villa that I did not stay in… the Pool villa. The Pool Villa comes with its own pool, something I wish I had… Nevertheless first world problems, I should be thankful I was even there, and experience the island resort. 

The first villa I was assigned was number 4, this one was close to the main buildings of the resort so it was easy to go to the pool, gym and restaurants. I arrive in the evening an hour or two after the sunset. Then I am informed to adjust my watch to island time, the resort has its own time.img_0542Welcome drinks and snacks…img_0531Wildlife outside my shower. img_0532In the morning I went outside my villa to access the beach, each villa on the island has a path from the villa to the beach, the trees and bushes help add privacy and also shade from the sun, the island is near the equator so its rays are strong. Bring lots of sun block, or you will pay for it – I’m talking about money… Its almost like each villa is assigned a section of the beach. The resort is so small that I rarely see anyone.img_0638


A look back from the beach path.img_0639Also a nice foot bath so you can clean off the sand before entering your villa. img_0640The interior island path ways. img_0653View from the bed. I didn’t take much pictures of this room because I get the same type of villa later. img_0655I paid for an upgrade for one night, I am informed I was getting Villa 51. Its the last one on the pier with the best view.img_0657Here it is, my Sunset Water Villa.img_0667I go to the bathroom first as it is where the closet is – so I started unpacking. The water color is amazing. I notice its warmer here as there is no shade from the sun, so after taking the pictures, I open all the windows and the ocean breeze feels better than the AC.  img_0658img_0659Nice large closets on the left wall. img_0660The room from the entrance. img_0682img_0661View of the reef and ocean beyond. img_0662img_0663

Corner lounge chair and the daybed outside. img_0664The main bedroom area. img_0665img_0666The daybed hangs over the edge. Again the water color is bright. img_0694img_0668Each water villa has a ladder that leads directly to the house reef.img_0670After snorkeling…. img_0680Time to washup and relax… img_0681Bathroom looking towards the bedroom. img_0683It’s so bright I need sunglasses indoors. img_0684I turn some tunes on… img_0695The shower was nice, but during the day, the sun made it too hot inside the shower…. img_0700so I wash up in the bathtub….img_0701Then its room service time. The sun is strong so I eat the other half of the sandwich inside. img_0702Count down to sunset. img_0705It seems the resort had an unfinished villa. img_0703I enjoy the sunset with some music in the background. img_0719img_0727img_0808The sunrise the next day. img_0834The villas have actual keys. I would rather have the plastic keycards as I collect the ones I have used.img_0898img_0900Then on my last day I moved to villa 29, moving around was not bothersome at all there was plenty to do around the island. This villa was more remote than villa 4, more removed from the main resort facilities. img_0902View of the room and outside.  img_0903img_0915img_0905View of the pathway to the beach and outside lounge chairs. img_0916img_0906View of the room from the window.img_0907Sparkling wine gift. I kept it cool and drank it at night. img_0908The TV and desk area. If you have seen my other posts, you know I value a good hotel room desk. img_0909Coffee and Tea… img_0910The bathroom is better in this villa than the Water Villa. It has both indoor and outdoor facilities. I didn’t use the outdoor shower or bath tub as it was too hot… img_0911View from the bathroom to the bedroom. img_0912Indoor bathroom. img_0913img_0919img_0920Outdoor bathroom. img_0914The villa from the pathway to the beach. img_0922img_0924The path to the lounge chairs and the beach. img_0923img_0925

My villa’s section of the beach. I think the resort and villas are great, its not too fancy nor too rustic, Not to big nor small, everything seemed to be just right. I think the resort follows a clean Park Hyatt style that adds to the overall experience. img_0927

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