Commonwealth* – San Francisco

A very last minute reservation brought me to Commonwealth in the Mission district of San Francisco. Like the free spirit of the Mission district this place is not fancy, but fancy at the same time. There are no white table cloths here, but a fancy tasting menu that was awarded one Michelin star.

This is one of the rare times I had decided to go with the wine parings, I usually don’t do wine parings because, I find myself drinking too much and the second half of the meal is lost to the happiness of the wine.  The restaurant is worth a try as its good food at a good price considering the establishment’s caliber.

At the reception you get the feeling the only source of light are candles.


An open kitchen and you can see the informal setting of the restaurant. img_1164

The menu and the wine parings. img_1163

The sound level  in the restaurant was high and actually I didn’t hear most of anything that our table attendant was saying. The meal starts with chips… I love chips… It comes with a dip… and the dip is a bit rich and overwhelming.  img_1165


The dish feels likes a stimulant to get the tastebuds going… img_1167img_1168

Then a refreshing course… img_1169img_1171

Seafood is a welcome change to the course… img_1172img_1174

Keeping the middle of the course light. img_1175img_1176

The meat dish… img_1177

Celery sorbet… and it’s good.img_1178img_1179

Dates, I love dates… by now I am in the Happy Place… perhaps to much wine… img_1180

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