Burj Al Arab – Hotel- Dubai – UAE

I recently did a bucket list trip. One thing on my list was to stay at the Burj Al Arab Hotel. This post is just about the hotel, and I will cover the suite with another post later. This hotel was built to be a destination in itself. Famed for its self coronation of a 7 star rating, and numerous publicity stunts on its helipad, F1 drivers, tennis match and even Tiger Woods hitting a golf ball into sea, I wanted to see and experience it for myself. Conclusion… It did not disappoint, it was one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at. Lots of people say its over the top and its getting to old, but in my book, after some basics it’s the service that complement the facilities that makes a good hotel GREAT. I booked through American Express – Fine Hotels and Resorts program.

The hotel experience start right after customs and baggage claim at the airport, there is a Jumeriah lounge for hotel car transfers. There are some tea and beverages and dates for guests who wait.


A member of the team takes my bags and walks me to the hotel car. img_0108

And I get in… img_0110img_0111

I arrived in the evening after rush hour so there was not much traffic to the hotel. The driver was kind to point out landmarks as we were driving to the hotel. If was my first time in Dubai.img_0114

After arriving at the hotel I was escorted past the lobby which was crowded with tourists, I was given a hand towel and dates as I entered the building and welcomed by a manager that seemed like a checkin process, it was smooth and seamless, I just walked in to my room. No front desk…. img_0125

The hotel staff asked me what I was planning to do. After a 15 and a half hour flight, I needed to stretch and workout. So I informed them that I was planning to head to the gym, and the hotel informs me that they will keep the pool open longer so I can get a swim in…. that is what I call service.

I change, and try to find my way to the gym and notice there is gold everywhere… img_0126

The gym was on the 18th floor, and again gold everywhere. img_0128

The gym and spa midlevel lobby, every part of the hotel was fancy…. img_0129

The gym was smaller than I expected, but it had everything I needed, and it was empty, just the way I like it. img_0130

After some weights… it was time to swim at the hotel’s indoor swimming pool. img_0132

It was beautiful, and serine, again it was closed, but left it open for me so I was alone. img_0133

I use the hot tub first…. img_0135

I get a few laps in the pool, and test out my new iPhone, and its true its water resistant. img_0140img_0141img_0142img_0143img_0144

After the pool I go back to my room or should I say suite. The view of the atrium at night.img_0193

After the gym, I decided I needed a drink or two so I decided to check out the two lounges on the top floor of the hotel. img_0194

The first lounge I went to has been there for a while, it looks a bit dated and could use a re-fresh but the views alone were worth it and the service was great. Only thing is the bar food menu was limited. img_0195

I get a glass of white wine, its hot in Dubai. img_0196

The complimentary snacks are delicious and substantial. img_0197

The view of the city and the tallest building in the world…img_0198

There is another lounge on the same floor and it has a bit more GOLD as you can see in the pictures. I order the most outlandish drink, it comes with the lamp to sent the air around me as I enjoy my drink. It was good, but I really don’t remember why or what I was drinking. Everything about this place was over the top. img_0202

I had a corner seat. img_0203img_0204

The motif  is again gold… img_0205

A unique drink menu selection… img_0206img_0207

Again gold everywhere… img_0208

The bathroom was covered in gold, because why not…. not sure if everything was real gold, but you get the point. img_0210

Real full size Hermes toiletries… img_0211

View of the atrium after the bar… img_0212

In the morning I get up before it gets too hot to walk about the hotel and surrounding beach. The atrium in the daylight is also beautiful. img_0216

The lobby is empty at this hour. img_0217

The view up from the lobby.img_0218img_0219img_0220

and a selfie… img_0221

Finally I step outside.  img_0222

Sunrise view from the hotel entrance. img_0223

View of the Palm Islands. img_0225

The hotel sits on its own man made island with a bridge connecting it to the main land. img_0261

And a selfie… img_0281

The guests of the Burj Al Arab have their own private beach section… img_0300

The sun rises and its getting hotter… img_0301

The hotel is in the shape of a sail of a ship. img_0303

The sand is still cool, but the waters are warm… A hotel golf cart can drive you there and back.img_0315img_0318

The hotel and adjacent resorts are well guarded. img_0319

Its hot now, time to go back to the hotel’s climate controlled areas and pool. img_0320

Dubai downtown skyline in the distance. img_0321There is a nice restaurant by the pool area.

img_0438The hotel opened a new section that includes pools and cabanas.This is the view of the hotel from the new pool. img_0322img_0326

There are not that many rooms in the hotel so the pool never seems to get that full. img_0339img_0344

The view is beautiful. img_0345img_0347

A few selfies…. img_0359img_0393

The pool staff give every guest a bag. img_0440

The bag has three ice cold water bottles and three cold towels… a nice touch. img_0441

After a swim I head back, and another great view of the Palm Islands. img_0437

Back to my room…img_0427

Every floor has a team of hotel staff and butlers that take care of your every need. You can see the desk at the end of the hallway / that is the entry to the atrium and hotel suites. I thought I would never need butler service, but by the end of my stay, I could not do one thing with out my assigned butler’s help… img_0428

I decided to go to the spa… the spa has a terrace with in the middle to the atrium for a unique view. img_0432img_0433img_0436

Again the in door pool was empty… img_0446

A view of the out door pool I was at earlier in the day. img_0447img_0448

View of downtown from the indoor pool. img_0449img_0450img_0451

A nice view from the spa room. Also the World Islands in the background.img_0453img_0454

I am sad as this is me getting ready to check out… img_0455

Depression and anxiety sets in as I leave… I do not want to leave… img_0456

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