Burj Al Arab – Suite – Dubai

The Burj Al Arab is an ‘all-suite’ hotel. As far as I can tell I got the most basic room or suite. It was a duplex one bedroom suite over looking the Persian Gulf and the Palm Islands. Much like my previous post about this hotel’s facilities everything about this suite was over the top with gold everywhere.

The suite starts with a double hight foyer with a dramatic staircase with a chandelier to match. a-img_0147img_0118


A restroom off the foyer, it has Hermes toiletries.   img_0145

Wide angle view of the foyer. img_0146

View of the suite entry. img_0149

A view up… img_0150

There was a work station with a proper desk, computer and printer. There is a trend of hotels removing desks, but I need my hotel desks… img_0151

The living room was large and expansive. At first I thought who needs this much space, but later I learned I needed every chair and corner, each one served a purpose. One to read the newspaper, one to watch TV, one to enjoy the panoramic view from the suite, one for room service…. you get the point. img_0153img_0154

It perhaps can use a refresh, but it was still very fancy and lux in every way. img_0163img_0155

The full work station close up. img_0156

The tea and coffee is right behind the work station, perfect… img_0157

Room service book… I love room service. img_0158

Complementary house wine… img_0159

Welcome fruit set up with rose water to wash my hands.. img_0160

A news paper… and… img_0161

Traditional Dubai sweets… This did not last more than 5 minutes, I ate it all. img_0162img_0192

Now up to the second floor. img_0165img_0166img_0167

Right off the landing there is a closet and vanity area where you can unpack, and get ready for the night on the town. img_0169img_0171

The bedroom was larger than most standard hotel rooms with ample seating that at first seemed unnecessary but again by the end of my stay I found every seat and table necessary. img_0173img_0174img_0175

Time to go to sleep…. img_0176-1img_0176

Good Morning! The TV rises from the cabinet so I can catch up on the day’s news, but the view is what is really counts. img_0213img_0214img_0415

Again the view of the Palm Islands from the bedroom. img_0417

The main bathroom is on the second floor across from the bedroom. Like everything else it is grand and over the top in every way.img_0177

Gold and marble are standard. I like marble bathrooms…


The toiletries are not small hotel size ones you see elsewere, they are full retail size. Both for men and women’s versions. img_0181img_0182

The bath and shower was nice. img_0183

They provide bath salts… it was nice… img_0184

The shower had golden fixtures, because why not? img_0185img_0186

Again the shampoo, conditioner and bodywash was all retail size Hermes… I tried to take as much as I could but I only travel with carry on bags, then I could not take these with me… 😦 img_0187

It was time for room service, they set it upon the first floor living room as I was getting ready on the second floor. They set up coffee on the side for me, that was a nice touch.


I ordered eggs Benedict, and it came with all this…  img_0420img_0421

I eat everything you see… img_0422

The view while I eat… img_0423

Some fresh juice of some sort, I forgot what it was. img_0424

Some tea… img_0425

Tea with my view… in the living room before I get ready for the day… img_0426

Back to the second floor to get ready… img_0443

After I get ready one more sip of coffee and I’m out to explore Dubai… The building, facilities and amenities are great but it’s the attention to detail in the service and the functionality of each part of the suite that made my stay one of the top hotel experiences I have ever had. I know I will have lots of people disagree with me but if you are thinking about it… Do it… its worth the experience, I would do it again. img_0442

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