At. Mosphere – Burj Khalifa -Dubai

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world at the time I am writing this post. The observatory deck is in high demand with timed tickets commonly selling-out for the day. The Burj Khalifa is a beautiful building, its presence in the Dubai skyline is iconic and its tall isolation ensures great views from all sides.

There is something to be said about iconic buildings, It’s one thing to be on the top looking out, but I think the skyline view with the most iconic building is always better. A few examples, the view from the Seattle Space Needle is nice, but the view of the skyline with the Needle is better. Same for the Empire State Building, the Manhattan skyline view with the Empire State is better then seeing it without it making the views from The Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center much better. I think the same holds true with the Burj Khalifa, that the view of the building itself is better then the view from it.

That being said I still wanted to see the view and be on top, tickets to the lower observation deck were sold out, and the premium ticket to the higher floors were way too expensive for my taste. Then I remembered something, just like the Top of the Rock this building had a fine dinning restaurant and lounge near the top of the observation decks with views to match, so I though why not pay a similar price to ride the elevator but get great food and drinks also? The first thing I look for near an observation deck or floor is the restaurant or lounge near the same floor.

Below is the view from the Dubai Mall lake, the observation deck entry is connect to the mall but At. Mosphere is not, I got there by taking a taxi to the Armani Hotel. You really get a feel of how tall it is…

Before you go, make a reservation or stop by the restaurant desk in side the Dubai Mall. If it is full, they might turn you back. Also dress nice or they might turn you back…


At the Armani Hotel, a hotel guide takes you to the entrance and elevator then you go to the 123 floor…The elevator ride is fast and surprisingly calm…img_0462

After getting off the elevator, take a flight down the stairs to the 122 floor. img_0495

Make sure you time it correctly for the water fountain show that makes the Bellagio in Vegas look small… img_0464img_0466

And it starts, you can’t hear the music, but its a unique vantage point… remember this is 122 floors up in the air… img_0467img_0471img_0472img_0473img_0476

I actually sit at the bar as the sun sets… the views are pleasant. I like to sit at the bar if it has a high vantage point for the views and quick service. img_0480

I feel like drinking a pinot noir…img_0481

I take in the last rays of the sunset… img_0479

I order tartare and fries… Lets call this a pre meal before dinner… img_0482

To my surprise… img_0483

A spoon full of caviar… the tartare was good on its own so I had the caviar as a dessert… img_0484

Highest restaurant anywhere. img_0494

After my quick meal and drinks, I walk back up to visit the Dubai Mall. I have some food on my lips, and I did not notice till I got back to my hotel. img_0496

The Dubai Mall was big…. huge… this is the one picture I took there… the massive aquarium exhibition. The mall has every store imaginable and then some… something for everyone… z-img_0458

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