Ad Hoc – Yountville – Napa – CA

Ad Hoc is a more casual brunch establishment in the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group of French Laundry and Per Se Fame. This place is famous for its fried chicken and is only served once a week on a week day. The menu changes every daily and is served as a four course meal. A few weeks ago, I went to Ad Hoc on a trip to Napa to do some wine tastings on Sunday – and to my surprise there was fried chicken on the brunch menu.

It was a sunny day and unusually hot that day… Almost unbearable to stand outside or even drink out side. a-img_0033

The set up at the reception as we wait for our table. b-img_0032

The menu arrives…. img_0018

And we confirm fried chicken and waffles! And.., other stuff on the menu… I order a glass of wine… img_0016

First was some cottage cheese and fresh fruits. It was all local, hand made, and all the artisan jargon etc… img_0020

The fruits was mixed with fresh mint and other herbs from the Thomas Keller’s own garden. This was more refreshing and delicious than I expected. img_0021-aimg_0021The main course, It was great…. what high end comfort food should feel like… you need to eat if before it gets cold… img_0027

The waffles were of good quality as was the butter… img_0029

The cupcakes for the last course was and made out of olive oil and cream cheese… it was unique but not my flavor so much… It was too tame… I would have liked a strong closer with more of a punch to end the meal…  Nevertheless we were lucky and the fried chicken was worth the trip… If you can’t make it to Ad hoc on a weekday, there is a takeout section on the weekends that sells the fried chicken in the afternoons. img_0030

After brunch, we went to Honig. They have good indoor seating and great AC.  They have some really good wines… really good. But like most places in Napa now, if you want a seat indoors you will have to call in advance and make a reservation. img_0054img_0061img_7851

3 thoughts on “Ad Hoc – Yountville – Napa – CA

  1. I love Ad Hoc – different menu every meal, what a concept. We had pork chilaquiles last time. And great call on Honig – super cool people and solid wines. We live in Napa Valley and trying to hit all 500 wineries.

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