Levi’s Stadium – Santa Clara – CA

I was offered some great seats to a pre-seasons game between the 49ers and Green Bay Packers. I have never been the a NFL game nor to Levi’s Stadium so I  jumped at the chance. If you ever go, they have some strict rules on what you can bring with you so be prepared.

They have an uber pickup and drop off zone making it easy for people how do not want to drive or take public transportation.

One of the main entrances next to the light rail takes the crowd to an open mid-level platform that gives visitors a good birds eye view of the entire stadium.


Before we go to our section, we decided to go to the upper levels to see the views from the top. IMG_3891

And a picture of me… IMG_3893

Walking around…IMG_3894

And a selfie… IMG_3895

After some fries and a beer from the upper levels. I head down to our seats, a few rows back from the 40 yard line. Entry to this section is via the United Club. IMG_3896

The seats are impressive, the seats are spacious and also seem soft.IMG_3897IMG_3898

My beer. You can actually download their app to order food and drinks but I did not use their app and just went to the bar.IMG_3902

And a picture from the seats. IMG_3906

The United Club is a section exclusively for visitors sitting this area. The Club is spacious with indoor and out door seating in addition to your seat. The food and bar sections are large. Plus the bathrooms are better. IMG_3907

Additional seats with views of the field. IMG_3909

The Club is two levels. IMG_3912IMG_3910

Additional seats with views of Santa Clara. IMG_3911

I order another drink, and since we are in California I order wine… IMG_3913

Its totally dark now. IMG_3914

I forget to take my sunglasses off… Its still bright under the lights. IMG_3917

I felt like a snack. IMG_3918

Then needed one more glass of wine.. This time white wine… IMG_3919

A fish eye view… IMG_3921

It was a good experience. I would like to go again to see another game and perhaps try some of their high end food options and also see the exhibits within the stadium. IMG_3922

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