The Course at Wente – Livermore – CA

Wine is delicious. Wine country is beautiful. And a golf course in a vineyard is a perfect blend. The Course at Wente webs its way around the famous Wente Estate, located in Livermore, East of the San Francisco Bay,  in the summers it can get hot, real hot, so its best to play early or late in the day. The Vineyard has two restaurants and also offers wine tasting so get there early to enjoy the facilities.

We stopped by the pro shop to check-in and to see what kind of gear they have. I saw this massive Wedgewood Trophy in the shop.IMG_3780

Then it was time for lunch. Lunch at the club house looks over the 18th green. Time for a selfie. I started wearing this hat to get more coverage from the sun. We spent way to much time at lunch and did not make it to the driving range before our tee time. IMG_3781

The putting practice area is nice, wood finish was a nice touch. IMG_3784

The course starts high on a hill, then levels off to a tranquil setting. IMG_3785

Wildlife… IMG_3786

View good. Swing bad… IMG_3794

The course goes around the estate into the vines. IMG_3811IMG_3816IMG_3828

In the late summer, the vines are full… IMG_3829

After the flat vineyard section, you have to drive up Wente’s very own Lombard Street. Its a challenging drive, more than Lombard Street in San Francisco. IMG_3833IMG_3834

High on the hills the wind comes into play. IMG_3836

View of the vineyard and surrounding area as we play… IMG_3839

The course come back down the hills… IMG_3842The sun sets and I chip. IMG_3843

The result is not as good as I envisioned…IMG_3846

The sunset is calming. IMG_3848

The colors in the sky are beautiful. IMG_3856

The end of the course nears, I wonder what a round would be like in the winter. I imagine more green hillsides that comes with the winter rain. For me it was a hard but fun course with beautiful surroundings, so I am looking for the next time there is a deal to play here.  IMG_3857IMG_3858

18th… now time to go get some dinner…. IMG_3859

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