Spyglass Hill Golf Course – Pebble Beach – CA

Spyglass Hill Golf Course is part of the larger Pebble Beach Resorts. This resort needs no introduction, it hold a special place for golfers around the world. The resort includes its namesake the Pebble Beach Golf Links, and 5 other courses. They are all public courses, BUT on the expensive side. A friend was able to get a significant discount so we decided to take advantage of a rare experience and play Spyglass hill.

This course starts the first five holes with fantastic views of the ocean, and the rest are set in a calm hilly forest so you get two extremes.

We had an early afternoon tee time so we decided to take full advantage of the day.

We decided to have lunch at The Lodge. The Bench restaurant in the lower level of hotel has direct views of Pebble Beach’s 18th hole and Pacific Ocean.

1. IMG_3625

A picture before lunch and the sun is out. 2. IMG_3622

The view from the lounge area passed the lobby. 3. IMG_3621

Trophies on along the halls. There is so much history here. IMG_3610

Make a reservation its easier to get a seat on the patio. And the weather is hot, worried that it may be uncomfortably hot later. IMG_3612

After lunch we walk down to view Pebble Beach’s 18th… I have started saving money to eventually play here. IMG_3614IMG_3616

View of the lodge from the golf links. IMG_3618

From the lodge we decided to take a scenic route on 17 Mile Drive on our way to Spyglass Hill. On the way there we passed by what is considered one of the greatest golf courses on Earth and also one of the most exclusive. Only a few people ever get to play… 17 Mile Drive actually gives you a glimpse of a few holes. So the sign informs us who is allowed in, and the sign is LARGE. IMG_3628IMG_3631IMG_3634

Cypress Point was designed by Dr. Alister MacKenzie, and the 16th hole is considered its highlight. On the drive you can see a few holes in the front 9.   IMG_3635IMG_3637IMG_3638IMG_3641IMG_3642

I wonder what it is like, there are lots of online reviews from avid golfers who have had the privilege to play. IMG_3643

Finally we get to Spyglass Hill, the facilities are not as grand as the Lodge, on the smaller side. The Northern Califonria fog rolls in the the temperature drops. The pro shop had familiar merchandise and we get a few things.IMG_3644

The course was in pristine condition. All the holes are named after elements from the book Treasure Island, for those who read the book the names shed light on what to expect. But what I noticed are the bunkers… the sand was so smooth and soft… and large…IMG_3648

The first hole starts surrounded by trees, then after a turn the ocean shows its face, along with everything the ocean comes with like the sounds of the waves and the constant wind. IMG_3649IMG_3650

The course almost seamlessly integrates with the natural beauty of Pebble Beach. IMG_3651IMG_3652

The 3rd hole starts high, the par 3 is not as easy as it looks, the elements do come into play. It was beautiful though. IMG_3658

My swing is all wrong, I lose a ball, only reinforcing my need for more lessons. IMG_3659

The right side of this picture is not a bunker, its sand just sand that is part of the natural landscape…. IMG_3662IMG_3663IMG_3664

There are some very nice homes overlooking the course and ocean. IMG_3665

Again, the natural beauty of the course speaks for itself. IMG_3666IMG_3668-1

The 4th hole as the largest / longest green I have ever seen. IMG_3668IMG_3669

The course turns from the ocean to a more tranquil forrest setting, the wind dies down, the waves fade…IMG_3670

The fog slowly gets thicker. IMG_3671

Again, the bunkers are beautiful. IMG_3672

The trees are tall and the silence is welcome after the unforgiving ocean. IMG_3673IMG_3674IMG_3675IMG_3676IMG_3677IMG_3678

The fog really kicks in.IMG_3679IMG_3680IMG_3682IMG_3683

My game was all over the place, I did lose a lot of balls, but I enjoyed every second. I feel lucky I got to experience Spyglass Hills, and look forward to playing the other courses. IMG_3689


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