The Peninsula Beverly Hills – Beverly Hills

The Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills, as its names suggests its very existence is to make every guest stay as luxurious and comfortable as possible, and it does not disappoint. This place is famous within the industry for its repeat guests. Its a small hotel, seems like other Peninsulas around the world are much larger. This place feels like a fully staffed mansion that you would find in Beverly Hills, from the public places to the rooms its has a very residential feel. There are other fancy or famous hotels, like the pool and Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, or the “Pretty Woman” hotel, but The Peninsula is The Peninsula. I found a great deal and stayed for one night in transit in Los Angeles, and I hope to return… return to see my initials embroidered on the pillows.

After a few airport delays, I arrive close to midnight…


The lobby is small, classic and tasteful. IMG_3172

After checking in, I walk by the lobby Living Room.IMG_3173

And a selfie…  IMG_3174

I think I got a standard room, but it was large, again everything was in a classic style. IMG_3177

If I had to change one thing, perhaps the drapery seemed a bit old. Other than that the room was great. IMG_3178.1IMG_3178

The night stand was set up so everything could be controlled even if you were just rolling around in bed.  The room can be controlled by the tablet device. IMG_3179

Recent trends have hotels removing desks from their standard rooms, but I am against this trend. Desks are very important, and I use it all the time, I don’t want to work in bed or find a communal table in the lobby. There was a radio behind the desk and it was turned on to a classic music station that was a nice touch. IMG_3181

The desk also had a tablet so you can control the room. What I thought was a nice touch was the Pen-Air menu on the desk that had a great prepackaged food for travel. It made so much sense. Good airport food and inflight food service on domestic flight are hard to come by and the travel industry could learn from this menu. IMG_3185IMG_3189

As I read the menu, I get super hungry… IMG_3190

At the head of the desk, the spa menu. I was granted a spa credit as a benefit with my credit card. IMG_3188

A nice seating area, with welcome snacks. Sometimes I overlook them, but it was so late when I checked in and I was getting hungry. I ate it all…. IMG_3183IMG_3184

I like marble bathrooms… that is all I have to say. IMG_3187.1IMG_3187

As I was changing and finished hanging some of my shirts in the closet. The door bell rings, and they bring me wine. The front desk had offered a drink, I opted for a glass of red and not any bubbles. It just felt like a red wine kind of night.

A FULL private label glass… it was just want I needed to relax and get to sleep… IMG_3191

I thought I would open the window to get some fresh air with my wine and snacks… The window turned out to be doors that fully open with an iron balustrade. IMG_3197

A closer look outside and I see one of the famous Peninsula Villas. IMG_3198

The cool night wind enters the room. IMG_3199

I get even more hungry, and I take some things from the mini bar… IMG_3217

I started to read the coffee table book, that highlighted other Peninsula Hotels around the world. This only reinforced that fact that I need to travel more… IMG_3219

After my glass of wine I sleep, and wake up early the next morning to use the hotel facilities. The first thing I do is go to the lobby, to talk to the concierge.  IMG_3226

The hallways are empty, looks more like a house than a hotel. IMG_3227IMG_3228

There are pathways around the hotel grounds that lead to the famous villas. The plants and trees provide more privacy. IMG_3229IMG_3230IMG_3231

A view back into the hotel Living Room from the garden pathways. IMG_3232IMG_3233

Coffee and tea set up for guests at the Living Room, there were a few setup around the hotel in the early morning. IMG_3234

Decorated elevator bank… IMG_3235

Blurry photo, but this is me going to the gym… IMG_3236

Marble walled gym, because why not? An extensive hydration station, the tea is a nice touch. IMG_3238IMG_3240IMG_3243

On the way to the spa…IMG_3245

The Roof Garden is a good ‘go-to’ spot for all day dining, I have been here a few time even when I was not an overnight guest, and I keep coming back. Its just a nice place. IMG_3246

It’s early morning, still a bit chilly for LA so I decide to use to hot tub… If you get up early you can use the entire pool by your self. IMG_3248IMG_3250

And selfie time… IMG_3252

This is the view from the hot tub looking to the Roof Garden Restaurant. The building on the left is the Waldorf Astoria.  IMG_3286

Now ready for a few laps, I just got out of the hot tub and now its cold… IMG_3292

View from the Roof Garden toward the hot tub. IMG_3288

After a few laps, right out side the pool entrance, they set up another coffee and tea station for guests. IMG_3296

Walking to my room…IMG_3297

Run the round corner…IMG_3298

Nice to find my morning newspaper.  IMG_3299

I open the windows again for some air… IMG_3300IMG_3301

The Villa looks even better in the day light you can see a small hot tub or small private pool. Also you can see the rooms on the first floor have private walled patios. IMG_3302

Now I am hungry, as much as I like room service, I want to try the Belvedere Restaurant. I pass the hotel bar, classic private club vibe. IMG_3304IMG_3309IMG_3305

The hall way to breakfast. IMG_3306IMG_3308

And I enter, I am hungry.IMG_3307

I am seated… IMG_3322

I wait for a few friends… and a selfie. IMG_3321

After the meal we walk around the hotel as we have some time to kill. I had ask the concierge to use the complimentary house Rolls Royce (only within Beverly Hills) to go to Bouchon to get some coffee and goodies for the road. Its complimentary and when else am I going to be in a Rolls…  IMG_3310IMG_3312IMG_3318IMG_3319

The Rolls arrives and we get in. IMG_3326IMG_3333IMG_3335

its nice… really nice… and the ride was too short. IMG_3338

The stay, although short was one of the most relaxing hotel experiences I have had. Other places are nice, but this place was like paradise. IMG_3313

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