Yosemite National Park – CA

Yosemite National Park… If you have note been there, you need to go. Each season has something special to offer. If you want to see the waterfalls in full force, go in spring to early summer as the snow melts in the high mountains. The massive granite cliffs seen for the first time will leave in you awe. The typical drive, you will be first greeted by El Capitan that will give you a small taste what Yosemite has to offer.

We mostly drove to spots to do short walks, but it was worth the trip. Next time, I want to go explore more.


After passing El Capitan from the road you can see Yosemite Falls. IMG_2831IMG_2833IMG_2835

Both Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls from the trails leading up to the falls. This is a trial, that is mostly flat and easy for families.IMG_2874IMG_2877

Lower Yosemite Fall up close. IMG_2878

I was able to capture the mist created by the falls.IMG_2879IMG_2881

And a selfie… IMG_2884IMG_2887

The valley floor. IMG_2927

Zoom in on the water fall. IMG_2929

View of El Capitan on the way out of Yosemite . Its massive… IMG_2944

Other granite cliffs… IMG_2947

Tunnel View and a rainbow at Bridalveil Falls.IMG_2955

Then we went to Glacier PointIMG_2966

View of Vernal and Nevada FallsIMG_2971IMG_2972IMG_2973IMG_2978IMG_2986

A perfect view of Half Dome. IMG_3004

Me closer to the edge. IMG_3007

Tunnel View at sunset. IMG_3040IMG_3041IMG_3044IMG_3046

A view of El Capitan on drive back. IMG_3060IMG_6393

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