The Majestic Hotel – Yosemite National Park

The Majestic is a historic hotel located in Yosemite National Park. A destination by itself, the hotel fills up far in advance and most summer weekends are sold out. The high demand is followed by high prices. The air conditioning in the summer helps too. It used to be called The Ahwahnee – long story but they changed the name for legal reasons.

I was not able to get a reservation for a room, so I did the next best thing – made reservations for lunch.  If you do dinner there they have a formal dress code.

I would do lunch here again when I visit Yosemite again…

1 IMG_2863

The view of the hotel exterior with the granite cliffs in the back ground. 2 IMG_2865

Entry way – driveway to the hotel lobby. 3 IMG_2871

Wild life is a real concern here… IMG_2836

Elevators… IMG_2866

Grand Hall… IMG_2867

A Large fire place. Seats in the inside? IMG_2868

The Dining Room was grand.IMG_2870IMG_2892IMG_2897

Sit by the windows… IMG_2900

Lunch selfie… IMG_2910IMG_2919

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