Lincoln Park Golf Course – San Francisco

There are lots of golf courses in California, but only one has a picture perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge and that is Lincoln Park Golf Course. There are three great views from this course, First is the back side of the Legion of Honor, when you tee off it feels like you are in the French country side. Then there is view of downtown SF. Then on the 17th hole, the bridge view.

The fees are very reasonable, and maybe why the course at times can be rough around the edges. Make sure you go when the famous SF fog does not roll in, or there will be no views to enjoy.

Parts of this course is next to popular paths with lots of pedestrians, so sometimes you have to be careful when you swing, but on a perfect day, the views the ocean breeze and it well worth your time even if the grass is not in perfect condition.


The Legion of Honor looks like a chateau from the Loire Valley… IMG_2174IMG_2175

A few of downtown SF. IMG_2180IMG_2182

And the Golden Gate…IMG_2198

This is a fake swing shot, I just posed for this one…IMG_2203

View from the 18th… IMG_2205

Actually the 18th… IMG_2206

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