Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus – New York

The World Trade Center’s PATH Station connects lower Manhattan with New Jersey and is a busy hub for commuters. Along with Grand Central Station in Midtown it acts as an unofficial gateway to The City.

I stayed in the Hilton across the street so after dinner and a few drinks, I walked over to the Oculus to see what its all about. When it was first announced, the press and the public seemed to love it. But like many of Calatrava’s buildings, it tends to go over budget, then followed by criticism.

Many New Yorkers bash it, but I like it…

I think its best experienced at night with all the lights. When I went it was still not complete but open to the public, its devoid of shops, signs, etc  so its pure to its form with out distractions, no bill boards, advertisements.


Still under construction I had to go on this walk way a preview of the patters and design.  IMG_2515IMG_2516

After the long hall way, a wide area, where passengers who actually pay and ride the PATH trains. IMG_2517

Then turn the corner to the Oculus. Its vast, like a gothic cathedral. There was only two other people there while I visited. There seems to be two staircases to upper levels, but there was no access, it would have been nice to see from another angle. IMG_2519IMG_2522IMG_2523

I used my fish-eye from the center of the oculus to get this shot. IMG_2524IMG_2526

You can see the two other people showing the scale and size of the space. IMG_2527

Next time, I am sure when I visit, it will be in use as it was designed to be, but to see it empty was cool. IMG_2529

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