The Pierre Hotel – New York

The Pierre Hotel stands at the gateway between Midtown and the Upper East Side on the corner of 61st Street and 5th Avenue. Like some very traditional, very established hotels in The City, the hotel has a mix of private residences mixed in with traditional hotel rooms.  This hotel keeps things classy and traditional, it is one of the last hotels in New York that has an elevator operator, like The Carlyle Hotel a few block north.

I never stayed the night, but one day if I find a good deal I hope to. Many rooms on the upper floors have views of Central Park, I have been told by a friend who has stayed there.

I stopped by for a drink on slow Sunday evening. There are lots of places that are closed on Sundays on the Upper East Side, I was just happy I could order one last glass of wine before calling it a night.


The bar is located right off the lobby to the left as you enter, I was the only one there… but all I needed was my wine.  The hotel is also famous for its Rotunda, they used to serve tea and coffee there, but now its just a room function room. I asked the hotel staff if I can wonder from the bar to view the Rotunda while it was empty and they told me to walk down the hall…


The oval room is impressive the frescos make what would have been a dark windowless room into a unique space. IMG_2625

and a selfie…IMG_2626

The figures in the frescos are actual actual society persons of the day when it was painted. IMG_2627

Looking out to the hallway from the Rotunda.IMG_2628

View from the hall way as you enter to the Rotunda. Its sad that that they don’t serve any food and beverages here, it would have been nice to have a few drinks here. IMG_2629IMG_2630IMG_2631It was nice to have the room all to myself and view it with out any distractions.

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