Millenium Hilton – New York

Hotel rooms with views come with a price in New York, and the Millenium Hilton has some great views. Located across the street from the Freedom Tower and the Calatrava PATH Station, in lower Manhattan; even on a lower floor you will still get a good view.

The hotel name is not a typo, but for some reason they spelled it this way…

The hotel is a tall black monolith, the rooms are nothing to rave about, the furniture and bathrooms could use an update. Its the views that count here.


I arrived close to midnight, my room was facing uptown, on the 41st floor I think. IMG_2378IMG_2379IMG_2380

The sunrise was a treat, nice to see the full range of colors. IMG_2384IMG_2385IMG_2386

A view from the Hudson on the left to the East River on the right.  IMG_2389

Sunrise reflections and New Jersey across the river. IMG_2390IMG_2428IMG_2429

The view never gets old. IMG_2430IMG_2432

The tall slim buidling is the Downtown Four Seasons Hotel and Residence. IMG_2433

The view from the bed. IMG_2434

As the sky turns blue, the day begins, and I get super hungry. IMG_2439

Hilton Gold Members, get a complimentary breakfast! I love room service.  IMG_2440

I didn’t get to see what types of views are like looking South. But if you want any view of Brooklyn Bridge you need to book a room above the 50th floor facing East.  IMG_2441

The view of the PATH station from the hotel gym. The hotel also has a large swimming pool but a small gym. IMG_2446

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