Jean Georges*** – New York

Jean Georges a Michelin three star restaurant in New York, located on 1 Central Park West. This restaurant is the formal one, but if you want to go a bit more causal there is a sister restaurant there that is a bit more relaxed.

I find that three star restaurants don’t always serve lunch, but if they do, they do offer a great deal and is usually priced lower than dinner, so I like to take advantage of that. I was surprised to see how busy it was a lunch for both restaurants.

I went to celebrate someone’s birthday. I feel a Michelin three star lunch is always a treat and a great value for the experience.


Lets start with bread. IMG_2451

And butter…


Amuse bouche… IMG_2453

This place has three caviar dishes, and this day I tried the egg yoke caviar… and it was good.  IMG_2455

I stuck with sea food and went with oysters. IMG_2454

I recently been enjoying Sauternes wines, its very sweet, they tried to guide me to order something else, but I just wanted it with my meal so I ordered it anyway.  IMG_2573IMG_2458

Then to my main dish… Fish… IMG_2459

Now to the close of the meal… Sweets!  IMG_2462

Sweets part two!  IMG_2468

The main dinning hall empties out. IMG_2470

Awards… IMG_2471

After a long lunch and way too much food, a walk in Central Park helps digest the food… There are two more caviar dishes I would love to try and look forward going back. IMG_2581

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