The Gotham Club – San Francisco

The SF Giants, has its roots in New York. When the Giants decided to create a small private club for season ticket holders, and former players, they named it The Gotham Club.

The entrance is behind the stadium by the Bay, the entrance starts at field level with a section where guests can actually be on the outfield before the game starts.


They open this a few hours before the game and then clear it out before the game starts. IMG_2248IMG_2249IMG_2250

Then to the club proper, on the upper level you can see the bay. IMG_2251

A very old school vibe, and they classed it up with a few chandeliers.IMG_2252

The main long bar.IMG_2253IMG_2254

This part of the club has views of the outfield. IMG_2255

More lounge areas. IMG_2256IMG_2257

This is the formal main dining room. IMG_2258IMG_2259

The second part of The Club includes more of an arcade / game room on another level on the other side of the ball park. You have to take a special elevator and walk the promenade. IMG_2260

After walking the around the to other side, you will have to find a this door. Its labeled as the electrical room, but has the logo of the private club.  IMG_2261

Across the hall was two suites, I don’t think this is for club members… IMG_2262IMG_2263

One of the lounge areas for the game room section of The Gotham Club. IMG_2264

The logo… IMG_2265

A nice pool table.IMG_2266

A few arcade games. IMG_2267

A table arcade game, not sure if they make these anymore.  IMG_2269

Historic wall decorations, these types of pictures are through out the club. IMG_2270

And yes…. they do have a bowling alley… in a baseball stadium… If you get an invitation from a member GO! I was invited to visit for a private event, and I can wait to go Back.  IMG_2271IMG_2272

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