Ocean Course and Ritz Carlton – Half Moon Bay CA

I was lucky to be invited to join a few friends for a around of golf. The Ocean Course at The Half Moon Bay Golf Links sits on top of the cliffs over looking the Pacific Ocean, there is also a Ritz Carlton Hotel that sits between the Old Course and the Ocean Course. The Ocean Course are styled as Links so it has a more open setting, where there are no tall trees to boarder up the course so for me it was a bit more challenging to play. My game needs much improvement there are times when I just pick up the ball and walk over to speed up the game.

The Ritz Carlton adds a nice touch with great facilities, especially the large terrace area for drinks and snacks. But main highlight is their Sunday Brunch with endless caviar. I can’t wait to go back for another round or another brunch.

Even if you don’t want to golf or eat at the buffet, there are trails along the cliffs and hotel, and you can always enjoy a drink at the terrace area.

Before we start our game. Our Tee time was 1:30pm. IMG_1907

The omnipresent Northern California fog…  You can see the Ritz Carlton in the back ground. IMG_1911IMG_1912

This is one of the higher points of the Links, you can see almost the entire course. IMG_1916

And I swing… IMG_1922

The fog gets worse. At times, there was light rain. IMG_1935

I bought a new fish-eye lens… a view of the Pacific and the fog…IMG_1937

The last four holes run along the cliffs next to the ocean. The views are grand and inspiring. And I swing again… IMG_1946

Only to land in the sand…IMG_1955

The views get better and better as you approach the 18th hole. IMG_1956

the fog clears and the sun comes out… IMG_1960

I pose in the sunlight…  if you look carefully at the beach you can see some people and also see how big the waves are… IMG_1961

The sound of the waves seen the back ground is soothing and calming… IMG_1967

The waves are powerful… IMG_1969

My ball lands on the edge.. so…  IMG_1970

I move it over some.. well a lot… and play… IMG_1971

If you look closely you can see the two people and golf cart in the back ground, giving you some perspective… IMG_1978

End of the game nears…  IMG_1983

The 18th green ends next to the Ritz Carton, there are rooms on the ground floor each with a terrace and a fire pit.. One day I will need to save some points and miles to stay the night here. IMG_2008

On the other side of the Ocean Course 18th hole, there is a large terrace fire pit area that faces the Old Course with ocean views. The views are nice, so there are always lots of people. IMG_2010

The view from my seat at the terrace and the 18th hole of the Old Course, we saw a few teams roll in and out. IMG_2011

Selfie time with a beer…IMG_2012

Fish-eye view of the Ritz Carlton. IMG_2015

The nice thing about a spring / early summer 1:30pm tee time is that the Sun started to set as soon as we sat down with our beers. IMG_2014

I also have a new wide angle lens of the sunset below… IMG_2016IMG_2019

The entrance to the hotel.IMG_2020

On another trip, a few of us went to the famous Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton Sunday Brunch. They have endless caviar in the buffet. So you have to be ready… ready to eat. So we decided to have caviar with everything.

First a tasting… IMG_8988

They with my American Breakfast… IMG_8990

Then with my Asian Breakfast… IMG_8991

A few sides with my soup… IMG_8992

I had a meat and seafood dish that I forgot to take pictures of, you should note there is timed seating here so you can not waste time…

Then some with my dessert. IMG_9002

This place has it all, but it is expensive, so save if for a special occasion or if you find a good deal. I can’t wait to go back.

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