Din Tai Fung – Taipei

A foodie destination for many, I had the chance to go to the original Din Tai Fung. Known for their dumpling they have grown to a global chain of restaurants. I first got a taste of the dumplings and soup in Pudong, Shanghai and ever since then when I have the chance I would try to do a Din Tai Fung if there is a branch in the Area.

A few from across the street, wait times of up to an hour.


The building has been renovated…IMG_1806

Waiting for our table. They have your select your food before you are seating. IMG_1807

A cold beer for a hot afternoon. IMG_1810

Truffle dumplings. Hits the spot. IMG_1819

Another favorite is the crab egg dumplings…IMG_1820

We added fried rice and some soup. See there are two slices of truffle in each truffle dumpling.IMG_1822

Around the corner from Din Tai Fung, is a famous mango shaved ice dessert place. There is a long line here as well… There was nothing left, we finished everything.  IMG_1824

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