Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel – Taipei

On my trip to Asia, I decided to stop by Taipei. I have never been there before and I also had a friend to show me around so I went for a short weekend. My friend had suggested a few places and I had never stayed at a Shangri-La so what better time than this trip…

The hotel is part of a mix use building that also houses a mall with some good food alternatives and an office tower. Its located near one of the larger night markets and close to the Taipei 101 area so there are plenty of things to do.

The hotel is a mix of modern design with traditional Chinese accents. It was not too shiny and new nor old, just the way I like it. I booked online and get the lowest possible rate, I always inform at checkin that I am willing to pay for an upgrade if there are better rooms that are not occupied, I find that this strategy is the best to get a better room. I was informed that there was a better room for a small fee and I took the offer.

The room was a Jr suite corner room on a high floor with a large dressing room and views of Taipei 101. The staff service was great, I was working out and they gave me a towel, I went swimming and they gave me goggles, they were two steps ahead of me at every turn, now that is what I call service, I never had to ask for anything. I liked everything about this hotel, How can you not its paradise – a real Shangri-La.

0. IMG_1826

I bought a fish eye lens for my iPhone. The lobby seating area. 1. IMG_1754

Checkin desk.2. IMG_1743

Lobby cafe.2. IMG_1749

Lobby drive way. 2. IMG_1751

Art work in the lobby.2. IMG_1861

There are restaurants and lounges on the upper floors with great views. 3. IMG_1675

The building core has an oval elevator bank, and each floor has a unique decorative arrangement. This is the lobby floor. 4. IMG_1752

This is the spa and roof top pool lobby. 5. IMG_1721

This is the 6th floor lobby to the breakfast restaurant and gym.5. IMG_1858

The 23rd floor lobby. 6. IMG_16537. IMG_1748

Hallway to my room. 8. IMG_1674IMG_1654

The last morning before I left I decided to have breakfast at the hotel and not local food. The spread was expansive, breakfast buffets in Asia are the best… z. IMG_1859

The room was a nice surprise. The building was designed to have many corner rooms to take advantage of the great views.

0. IMG_1860

The room started with a long hall way.1. IMG_16551. IMG_1692

The hall way ends with a beautiful mini bar… always tempting.  2. IMG_16952. IMG_16962. IMG_1697

A seating area starts the room. 3. IMG_1690

Next to a very functional desk. I used it more that other desks in other hotels I have stayed in. The view of 101 is perfect. 3. IMG_18304. IMG_1656

The other end of the room had another more casual seating area, perhaps for drinks and also a chair placed perfectly for watching TV.4. IMG_1659

Another view of the room. 4. IMG_1660

The long dressing area leading to the bathroom made the room experience much better and more organized, as my open suitcase and clothes was not all over the place. IMG_1661

Large marble bathroom, I like marble bathrooms. IMG_1666

Large shower stall.IMG_1667IMG_1668

Fish eye view of the room. IMG_1670IMG_1671IMG_1747

As the sun was setting I wanted to get a quick workout and a swim in the roof top pool. The gym is a standard gym with sauna facilities, but the pool was the highlight of the hotel. There are two sun decks with views of the city.

0. IMG_17001. IMG_17032. IMG_17052. IMG_17132. IMG_1717

The pool at sunset… IMG_1707IMG_1710IMG_1712IMG_1715

The night arrives… IMG_1718

View of 101 at night… IMG_1719

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