L’ATELIER de Joël Robuchon – Taipei


I posted before that Robuchon is one of my favorite chefs, and my goal to eat at every Robuchon in existence. On my trip to Taipei I was excited to try another one of his restaurants. I usually order one of the course options but this time we decided to order just a few dishes. I would like to thank my two friends that accompanied me. The caviar and crab dish is always a treat… Now to the next Robuchon…


Bread never gets old… IMG_1832

Amuse bouche… Foie gras.IMG_1833

More Foie gras, a dish to share. IMG_1834

Caviar and crab… IMG_1835IMG_1841

Black cod, was light to balance out the caviar and foie gras. IMG_1842

Beef Tartar… a solid dish that hits the spot. The gold leaf covers the egg yoke…  IMG_1843

A pork dish with foam. IMG_1844

A signature side dish, Robuchon’s famous mash potatoes. IMG_1845

Sweet and bitter dessert to close out the meal. IMG_1846

Standard bubbles for the meal. IMG_1848

Me after the meal.. I’m smiling because the meal was that good… IMG_1851

The standard L’Atelier black and red decor… The white orchids were a bit out of place…  IMG_1852

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