Jiufen – Taiwan

Jiufen is a historic mining town about an hours drive away from Taipei. Made famous as the setting for a few famous movies, the village is set high on top of the side of a mountain overlooking the ocean. It has many narrow alley ways and stairs that house souvenir shops and more importantly street food stalls and tea houses.

There are too many shops to eat at and one can not possibly try everything. Everything my friends suggested we try was delicious. I also had a hard time taking pictures of everything as this place get crowded by early afternoon. The places comes alive at night when the sky gets dark and the street lamp lights glow; that was the inspiration for the Japanese anime Spirited Away.

I was trying my new fish eye lens and was having trouble getting clear focus shots. Many of the pics are out of focus.

I never understood my people planned to stay the night there, but now I understand, it was not just to see the village and at night, but to eat as much as they could for two days – another scene from Spirited Away.

I look forward to going back to have the food I could not eat because I was too full.

1. IMG_1767

You can see how it can get crowded. 2. IMG_1769

My first snack, one of many… 3. IMG_1765

Steps to A-Mei Tea House.

4. IMG_17715. IMG_1772

To get a good view of the tea house, there is a platform across the entrance. 6. IMG_1775

And a selfie.7. IMG_17788. IMG_17809. IMG_178110. IMG_178211. IMG_1784

The view from our table at A-Mei Tea House. 12. IMG_178513. IMG_178614. IMG_1787

Our tea and snacks. 15. IMG_178916. FullSizeRender (1)

Walking the streets after tea for some more snacks. IMG_1770


View of the village.IMG_1804

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