Jungsik – Seoul

Jungsik in Seoul has landed on the number 10 spot in San Pellegrino’s Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list at the time I went there. I wanted to visit this place after I had tried the Jungsik outpost in New York. Both restaurants provides a great experience, I enjoyed the sea urchin dish in New York so much that I ordered the same thing again in Seoul. There is one dessert on the menu I still want to try, perhaps next time when I get the chance to visit again.

The Seoul outpost of Jungsik occupies one entire building in Cheongdam a upscale area within Gangnam. The first floor is a bar area that I would like to go to, but sadly was closed during lunch time.


The main dining hall is on the second floor. IMG_1629

Awards are displayed by the register. IMG_1628

Ordering afternoon drinks… 🙂


I had decided to go for a four course lunch.IMG_1614

Bubbles before lunch… IMG_1620

And it begins… IMG_1621

First dish… IMG_1623

The signature Sea Urchin dish… always a treat. IMG_1624

The main course… Fish…IMG_1625

Ends with Ice cream… IMG_1626

Then coffee and snacks…IMG_1627

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