Omakase* – San Francisco

Omakase is always a treat, to top it off the place we went to was awarded Michelin One Star. Its located in the center of tech-land in the SOMA district of San Francisco. I thought the name was odd as we went to eat Omakase at a place called Omakase.

Good company and good food… good meal.

They also have a sister restaurant next door for a more casual experience.


The black dish on the left are tiny transparent eels, never had it before but now I want more… IMG_1093IMG_1094IMG_1095IMG_1096

Torch it up… more please… IMG_1097IMG_1099IMG_1100IMG_1101IMG_1102IMG_1103

Uni please… IMG_1104IMG_1105IMG_1106IMG_1111IMG_1112IMG_1113IMG_1114IMG_1115

This was amazing, but I would have preferred a non metal spoon… IMG_1116IMG_1117IMG_1120IMG_1122

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