Grand Hyatt – Seoul

On a visit to Seoul, a few friends and I decided to meet up and stay at the Grand Hyatt Seoul. Located high on the mountain side the rooms have great views of the city.

Its centrally located so everything is a short cab ride away. But being located on the mountain hill top not much is walkable.

A good solid hotel in Seoul. Lots of drinking and eating options.

Champaign in the lobby is always a treat!


The rooms were nice and clean, the entire hotel decor uses wood throughout and gives a soft, warm vibe.


The minibar is always a complex issue. I want to eat and drink everything in it, but always think of the folio that will follow. IMG_1485IMG_1486

The bathroom was small but gets the job done. IMG_1487IMG_1488IMG_1491

The view. The view of the river and Gangnam. IMG_1492

A view from another room on a previous stay. Clear sky, you can see very far.


In the winter season, the hotel covers the out door pool and builds an ice skating rink. IMG_1493

The hallway to the room on a club floor.  IMG_1494

Entrance to the club lunge from the upper floors. IMG_1495IMG_1496IMG_1499

A more classic decor but some how works… The view is always nice.  IMG_1501

Night city view.IMG_1532IMG_1533IMG_1535

I love room service. IMG_1542IMG_1546IMG_1548

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