Ritz Carlton – LA

I recently visited LA and this was the first time I stayed in downtown LA. Downtown is not was it used to be, with new shops and good dining options. The Ritz Carlton, LA occupies a few mid floors in a large mix use high rise building with good views of LA, its a very small hotel with limited facilities and even more limited dining options. They have one restaurant in the Ritz Carlton and they only serve dinner so unless you are going to order room service, you need to go to their sister property the Marriott on the lower floors  and if not you have to do to the mall, so plan ahead if you plan to eat at the hotel.

The hotel has a complimentary car service and we took it to dinner at Bottega Louie.

My welcome letter, a nice touch….


The bathroom.IMG_0759

The shower stall and bathtub combination. IMG_0761

The bathroom has Asprey toiletries which was a nice touch. IMG_0762IMG_0763

The rooms were clean and the bed was very comfortable, but the rooms could use a refresh.


The heated roof top pool was great, good view, but there was no service, no food or drinks could be ordered due to the winter season. On the flip side it was great to have the entire pool to my self.IMG_0771

The hot tub was great in the cool winter breeze…IMG_0772IMG_0774IMG_0776

Shameless pictures of myself… IMG_0790IMG_0809IMG_0811

View of the Ritz Carlton Residence above the hotel. IMG_0773

The gym and a grand view. IMG_0781IMG_0775IMG_0778IMG_0779IMG_0815IMG_0816IMG_0818IMG_0820IMG_0823IMG_0825

I love room service… especially  breakfasts… IMG_0830

The Spa was great,  great facilities and great service… I was their first appointment for the day and the only one there. IMG_0831IMG_0832IMG_0833

After changing they asked me to wait in the sanctuary. A relaxing place with mood videos and sounds. IMG_0834IMG_0835IMG_0836IMG_0837

Complimentary tea.IMG_0838

And me again… IMG_0839IMG_0840

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