Rain Room – LACMA

The LACMA was going to have a special exhibition of the Rain Room from Random International and I bought tickets in advance to ensure I saw it. Any time I heard about the exhibit it either sells out fast or you have to wait hours to get in.

The installation is a large black room with perpetual rain fall, its strange, with one strong source of light that has a surreal effect. As you walk into the rain, sensors detect you and the immediate area round you will stop raining. You can ‘walk in the rain’ and stay dry.

If you walk too fast or wear black you will get a few droplets on you. I was wearing a black jacket and then I took it off as I started getting wet.

It was a strange 15 minutes… thats all the time you get with 15 other people. It was worth the trip. IMG_0855

Information and description of the Rain Room at the entranceIMG_0854

There is one strong light source.IMG_0860

My Selfie, with my black jacket the sensors were not working so well…. so…. IMG_0874

I took my jacket off and the sensors worked much better. IMG_0865

The Rain Room ceiling. IMG_0869

Other museum patrons…IMG_0872

If you see the person on the left, you can kind of see the sensors at work where there is no rain…IMG_0878IMG_0879IMG_0880

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