Reagan Presidential Library – Simi Valley, CA

The highlight of the Library is the display of the old Air Force One, along with Marine One – the presidential helicopter and Cadillac One – the presidential limousine.

I actually saw Former Presidents Bush  disembark from this Air Force One from the tarmac of an air force base. It was interesting to see it again as an adult, it seems so much smaller than what I remembered.

The hanger where Air Force One is toward the end of the museum. The first thing you notice is the grand view of the surrounding mountains below, it kind of gives the effect that you are in the air. Visually it give the fixed aircraft lift and movement.


A panorama of the aircraft from the entry terrace. IMG_7232Me and the same old Air Force One I saw YEARS ago… I feel old now. IMG_7234

The Interior was preserved as much as possible, It makes today’s commercial first class look humble.IMG_7243IMG_7244IMG_7246

It was nostalgic to be there to see what I saw years ago now displayed in a museum. Politics aside, if you are ever around or near Los Angles, its worth a trip.

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