Palace Hotel – San Francisco

San Francisco has its share of historic hotels, and the Palace Hotel is one of the largest ones. It is really palatial, it has grand public rooms and long hallways to rival many palaces in Europe. I had visited a few times over the years and here are a few pictures. I always enjoy it there, they sure don’t build them like they used to. If it has been recently renovated. I do have a preference for historic over modern hotels if I have a choice. I have never stayed the night, and hope to stay here if I get the chance.

Below is the French Parlor room that over looks the famous Garden Court. Its classic interiors are grand. IMG_0650

The view of the Garden Court from the French Parlor on the second floor. IMG_0653IMG_0659

View of the chandelier. IMG_0657

Classic details. IMG_0661IMG_0670IMG_0667

My mandatory selfie. IMG_0663

Our very own holiday tree. IMG_0664

Views of the French Parlor Room.IMG_0665IMG_0671IMG_0673IMG_0675IMG_0676

That is me looking and waving to my friends in the Garden Court. IMG_0691

The main hallway at the Palace Hotel. The proportions are true to its name.IMG_0685

Pied Piper Bar in the hotel has an famous painting by  Maxfield Parrish “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”. The painting below with my glass of wine. New York’s St. Regis – King Cole Bar has another famous painting by Parrish. IMG_7310

In 2013 the hotel tried to sell the painting, but decided to clean it and put it back. There was considerable backlash at the news of the plans to sell it. IMG_4600

Enjoying a bottle of bubbles at the Restaurant. IMG_4829

The Garden Court before the renovation. IMG_4592IMG_9902

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