Breguet Exhibition – San Francisco

I like watches, I want watches and I cant afford some watches. There are many watch makers, but Breguet is a on a league of its own. The company’s founder  created the Tourbillon Movement, that was built to negate the effects of gravity in a watch. The list of clients past and present is a who’s who of powerful persons who have shaped world history.

The San Francisco Legion of Honor had an special exhibition called Breguet: Art and Innovation in Watchmaking.  I actually went to the docent lecture to heard more about the history of the company and the items in the exhibition.

The lecture was held in the oval theater auditorium. TheLegion of Honor is modeled on its namesake in Paris and has the interior to match.

The docent lecture in the oval theater.


The main entrance, the clocks in either side were projections that actually told time. IMG_0444

“Marie-Antoinette” pocket watch… a watch that has a history just as unique as the last Queen of the Ancien Regime.


… and a mandatory picture of myself… the details and complexity of the watch was truly high tech for its time.. you would stare into the mechanics for ever. The docent in the lecture read the list of things this watch does, and it was a really long list.


Beyond the exhibition, the exterior has a beautiful colonnade courtyard.


And a Selfie… IMG_1108

Set in Lincoln Park San Francisco, it has a nice view of not only the city, but the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge. IMG_1390

The entry way starts with a Rodin.IMG_1381IMG_1382IMG_3624

There are two Salons from great houses of Europe on display.  IMG_1383IMG_1384IMG_4521IMG_8635

Various European old master works up to more recent post impressionist works line the walls.IMG_1385IMG_1389

As a person who used to play the violin I stopped to appreciate this on display…  the instrument below is a ‘Del Gesu’… along with Amati and Stradivarius considered the best violins in existence. IMG_4520



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